John Carmack @ GDC

March 28th, 2004 by Crusader

id Software’s John Carmack gave akeynote speech at this year’sGame Developers Conference in San Jose,California last Thursday. GameSpy posted asummary of the talk,which covered his usual topics: game development trends and currentid projects. Of note is this section on their convergence, where risingcontent production costs can hamstring design decisions:

On that topic, Carmack mentioned that they were hoping to re-usesome of the assets created for DOOM 3 to help speed up development of whateverthey do next, but even that would have a tradeoff. “That sort of gives us arestriction on our possible game designs,” said Carmack, “it would have to besome present-day or near-future thing where we can re-use the fireextinguisher or wastebaskets or things like that on the game.”

HomeLan Fed has their own abstract up, wherethey mention Carmack stated Doom III is “pretty close” to going gold. Thanks to Doomworld for the news.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    To me, what is the most important feature of pc games is the mods. I bought q2, finished it in a row and never stopped playing ActionQ2. ut2004 is different in that matter as it seem a collection of well done mods already.
    Yet, there are more and more times between mod releases, you see less small projects starting out of nowhere (remember all those hl mods? well some of them gave brand new ideas, gameplay wise). And many mods have problematic releases (i think of urban terror there, where every release saw me reinstalling the previous version). Releasing a mod seem less and less an easy and fun job.
    Also, some editors seem to want to milk that cow (valve’s steam). Which could start a bad habit if successful.
    And of course, the fact that everyone and his grand mother seem to want to develop for console first (infamous deus ex 2).
    All this would lead to 3 letters: DRM on locked technology.

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