UT2004 Miscellany

March 23rd, 2004 by Crusader

First, some notes from Ryan Gordon’s.plan:

If you’re installing the retail version (DVD or CD-ROM) on Linux,please note the following:

1) If you don’t have Joliet support in your kernel, the thing will ask you toinsert the disc and not be able to find it, and thus will just keep promptingyou to insert it. Rebuild your kernel with Joliet.

2) If you are on an amd64 chip running a 64-bit OS, you’ll get the amd64binaries installed. If you wanted the 32-bit ones, install on a 32-bit OS orrip up the installer (email me for details on this).

3) amd64 build is broken for net play…win32 developer broke it rightbefore we went gold, but the fix is trivial. It’ll be fixed soon.

Second, Chris Blundell hasreleaseda new Onslaught map set among skyscrapers, ONS-Icarus (thanksBeyondUnreal).

Epic announced that they will bemerging with Scion Studios, whosefounder was lead designer for America’sArmy, also available for Linux. The press release can be foundhere.Also, as per apostby Epic’s DrSin on the official UT2004 forums,Epic will ban players from UT2004 entirely for cheating, a policy nowreflected in the revisedEULA. Everyone with atleast one brain cell dislikes cheaters, so be sure your online victories are on theup and up.

The official UT2004 site linked a fewonlinereviews of the title, which has an average 94% rating atGame Rankings.

For server admins, the Unreal Admin Page has severaltutorialsupdated for the retail version; please note that the “Running as a Service”documents only apply to the Windows version.

Finally, feel free to post impressions and war stories from your gameexperience to date below!

13 Responses to “UT2004 Miscellany”

  1. mrew Says:

    The game is fantastic, far better than 2k3; however this comes with one major downer: the game is hideously unstable – apparently due to bugs in the Karma library. The game just dies randomly and very frustratingly you lose all the credits you paid for the current match – not fun when you’ve just challenged Xan’s team to an insta-gib bloodrites and are very close to victory: then all of a sudden, instead of having won your new skilled-bot you find yourself crashed out and 2000 credits down :( Credit to icculus though: the guy is working on this and already has put out an unofficial patch – unfortunately this hasn’t resolved all the issues yet but hopefully soon fingers crossed. I’ve more or less given up on trying to complete the 1 player game until this bug is properly fixed.

    Also I cant get my mic to work to command the bots with. It works fine if I connect to a remote server but not if I’m running on a local listen server or playing in 1 player mode….

    I just wish more servers would turn kick-voting on to chuck the cheaters and those who think playing loud music down their mics is funny; yes I can mute their channels but they deserve to be kicked…

  2. Phorem Says:

    where is that patch you are talking about

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any for us “wannabe” linux-builders ?


  4. Anonymous Says:

    it segfaults every time i try to run it

  5. Anonymous Says:

    the game is really fun, i played the demo constantly and i got the retail dvd but it does crash randomly unfortunately, but it was nice to see the penguin on the box.

    i also have a problem where the loading screens are black for me with the white text over them, none of the backgrounds load like they did for the demo

  6. Anonymous Says:

    For anyone having problems with the installer, I had to also do:
    export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom2
    before the installer would recognize the DVD was actually in the drive. This was on Mandrake 10.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Section 5 of EULA stated cheaters will get permanent ban from CD. Unfortunately, that means if anyone else bought a used copy of UT2004 from a cheater, the new user will get screwed by Epic lawyers, without even doing the cheating! The whole Section 5 is nothing but a distraction tactic trying to outlaw used game sales!! BOYCOTT EPIC NOW!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Or is the game actually more power hungry than the demo?
    I have an amd 2000xp + geforce200mx and the demo was doing great. I buy the full version and the framerate dropped to the point that it is barely the same game feel-wise.
    Yes I talk about the same map.

  9. crimsonghost Says:

    Im trying to get my ut2004 installed on suse 9.0, but it will not let me unmount the cd when the program ask for cd 2. Just tells me that the cd rom device is busy. I was just wondering if anyone had any experince with suse and could tell me what i need to do. BTW im running the latest kernel and all updated packages..well atleast through YOU anyway. Thanks in advance.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Whi not? is a great site for linux gamers
    if there were the forum we could be known better and to discuss about what we would like to play with linux too.

  11. DaveLinux Says:

    Because they included Linux support out of the box. To show my support for this, I bought the game. Never bought any of the UT games before. Thank you, Epic.

    Having said that, I played it this weekend and enjoyed it. I did get a crash, but I’m confident Icculus will stablize it with a future patch. I did play for a few hours, so one crash isn’t too, too bad.

    What I can’t get used to is NO JETPACK! Ugh. I’m a Tribes junkie and miss my jetpack, damnit!

  12. autoreplay Says:

    [b]Some details:[/b]

    OS: SuSE 9.0 cpu – Athlon XP2400+
    Video: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

    OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
    OpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9800 Pro Generic
    OpenGL version string: 1.3 (X4.3.0-3.7.6)

    FPS during online play: 20-74 [/b]

    I have tested the game on Windows 2000, DirectX 9b (booted from another harddrive) and I got stable 84 FPS during any network play.

    Single player shows 50-150 fps on linux and 150-250 under Windows), the game slows dows when an enemy is around (a close fight with 4-5 enemies cause FPS drop down to 20 which is unacceptable especially for Instagib) or near complex surfaces.

    I play a lot, fps=20 is not for me, I do not know what to do with linux and opengl libraries to make them work faster, I will be around for the next couple of days, if you guys give me some idea what to tweak, I would greatly appreciate it. On the other hand I can always switch back to [b]windows[/b] version just to play UT2K4 which [b]sucks ars[/b].

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