XQF 0.9.14

March 22nd, 2004 by Crusader

XQF (a game server browser) version 0.9.14 is now available:

Here is the list of what’s new – some of which were only available previously by downloading the CVS version:
  • New games: UT2004, Postal2, BF1942 (Wine). All without official master.
  • Improved –launch parameter. Now only requires IP address and asks for type if needed. It’s possible now to use this together with e.g. XChat.
  • Add –add parameter to just add a server to favorites
  • Fix LAN browsing
  • Add LAN masters by default
  • Support password on Savage servers
  • New server properties: Comment and “this server sucks”
  • Add exec function for Hexenworld (anyone ever played that game?)
  • Switch to intltool for i18n
  • Install desktop files

XQF 0.9.4 Download: [ ]

4 Responses to “XQF 0.9.14”

  1. pwk Says:


    my friends are playing ut2k4, xqf has support for it…and it seems tuxgames is still waiting for the stock to arrive at THEIR place (not to menshion I am waiting an MY place for them to send it from THEIR place to MY place…).
    Whats up with the holdup ? Everybody else is playing the game already !

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So version 0.9.14 is avaible… But the headline is 0.9.4!

    Also, I don’t see any UT2004.
    I downloaded the .bin file, installed it, started, and pressed ‘edit->Add Default Masters’ but still no UT2004.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good do see the opensource community is working to help pirates bypass the CD-Key checks and cheat bans by bypassing the master server for UT2K4

  4. cburke Says:

    Has anyone ever gotten xqf to work with the gamespy master server, or is that a lost cause since they want you to use their browser? All I really care about is getting a better q3a master server, since the id server is apparently a bastard child beloved only by those in Germany.

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