TuxGames Partners with Game 23 Retail Shop

March 17th, 2004 by Alkini

TuxGames has announced a partnership with the UK-based game retailer Game 23. The nub of the press release follows:

Tux Games will provide Game 23 with access to its mature e-commercesolution, allowing Game 23 to expand from a successful brick-and-mortarcompany onto the Internet. In addition to the e-commerce solution, TuxGames will also provide Game 23 with shipping and end-user supportservices.

In return, Game 23 will immediately begin to sell Linux products in their physical and online stores on behalf of Tux Games, giving England its first physical retail outlets for Linux games since 2001. Game 23 will place advertising for Linux products in their physical stores, and pay a royalty on all products sold through their new website to Tux Games. In addition, Game 23 pledges to convert every Windows computer in the group to Linux within a 6 month period.

The news from the TG page states that this will increase the availability of Linux games and help bring them in to the mainstream. Part of the deal also includes Game 23 paying TG a percentage of all of their online sales, thus increasing revenue to TG from non-Linux games.

6 Responses to “TuxGames Partners with Game 23 Retail Shop”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So, TuxGames actually gets royalties from the sales of windows and xbox games ? That’s just… beautiful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Also NWN and its expansions are not listed as Linux compatible on there site. Kinda cool though.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is brilliant news, is it just me or has anyone else heard of Game 23? if so any in Gloucester?


  4. kccricket Says:

    Argh! Did the resulting website have to be quite that… glaring and unprofessional?

    I can live with the colors, but half the images look like they were resized from something bigger without using any interpolation whatsoever–they’re all blocky. Also, the logo could use a bit of antialiasing…

    However, this is [i]very[/i] good news!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    At least they will eran money from Windows/Xbox games. That’s fun.
    But when will be available Gorky 17 ?

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