Unreal Tournament 2004 Shipping

March 16th, 2004 by Crusader

Just a reminder thatUnreal Tournament 2004 hasbegun shipping to retailers. As stated before, Linux binaries are includedon the installation CD (or DVD); the requisite penguin mascot even makes anappearance on the box!

Epic has also released afreededicated server package (777MB) to allow admins without the retail versionto setup multiplayer host servers.

There’s an entry in the Linux Gamers’FAQ for enabling Text-to-Speech in UT2004.Moreover, warp has compiled a UT2004VOIP HOWTO(although its for the demo, I’m assumingthe steps are still valid for the retail release – let me know if your mileagevaries).

Gamespy put up screenshots of the Onslaught and Assault game mode mapshere.

Once I’ve had a chance to play for a bit I’ll post some initial impressions.

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  1. ARTMAN Says:

    I’m pissed. I preordered my copy of the SPECIAL EDITION version of the game from EB Games. I went in and the guy says “sorry, they only made 4,000 and each store was lucky if they even got one.” Well then why the hell did they offer two different versions for preorder! Arrrgh. Need to compare the linux and win versions tomorrow. Any feedback?

  2. Jestrzcap Says:

    I’m (also) kind of ticked that they number of special edition copies is so scarce. By the time I finally got around to try and order it every one had sold out. I will not be purchasing the retail box, as I expect the “special edition” to make a comeback (hope hope).

  3. mrew Says:

    Do tuxgames have this in stock yet?

  4. klierman Says:

    I had some issues with the cdrom install….. Basically it not recognizing cd changes.

    i thought it was due to mdk supermount issues they had with the 2003 release, but after messing with it for a bit, i configured mdk back to supermount and everything started working…. no idea why.

    But after that all was good…. only played a couple hours, but mmmmm…. good.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    The best news: voice chat works with my alsa drivers now in the full game! It took some effort to get it working, you have to set your microphone as a recording source (you can do this in aumix by selecting the microphone and pressing the space button, I couldn’t figure out how to do it using alsamixer). There was no painless way to get this working in the demo, I’m pretty psyched that it works in the full game.

    Regarding the special edition – heh, sorry for your luck – I walked in to the local gamestop and they had one special edition left- same price as the normal edition so I picked it up, even though it meant I had to install that DVD drive I’ve had sitting on my shelf to install the game:) I actually don’t think the headset is that useful anyway, the explosions sound much better from my stereo, I just use a desktop mic for the voice chat. I would complain to the EB Games head office and cc both your local manager if I were you – if you preordered a specific edition you should get it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Running Fedora Core 1, VoIP worked flawlessly. I’m not using ALSA, just the OSS drivers, I do believe, but me and my red team mates were chatting up a storm in no time.

    Too cool.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    just received the Special ed DVD from EB today. installing it right now..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t plan on purchasing ut2004 due to bad marketing and distribution (/me loads up Bittorrent):

    Dear Best Buy Customer,

    Thank you for your pre-order on

    We appreciate your interest in taking advantage of the Value Pak offered with the Unreal Tournament 2004 Special Edition Game. The Value Pak was offered in a limited quantity and, due to the unanticipated high demand for this product, the inventory for the Value Pak has now been depleted. As a result, we will be canceling the Value Pak from your order.
    They then offer 10% off my next order. But that doesn’t bring the $40 ut2004 regular edition even close to the $30 ut2004 special.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Just installed the regular version (non-dvd) and the only screen resolution available is 800×600. The demo version had all the other resolutions and I was playing at 1600×1200. I have a geforce4 4600 with the latest nvidia drivers. Playing at 800×600 works, but it doesn’t feel “right”.

    Any ideas?


  10. Anonymous Says:

    I scored the special edition from ebgames and the only letdown was the headset is a standard two-plug (MIC IN and SPEAKER OUT) setup and I was expecting (although I can’t remember if I actually read it anywhere) a USB headset.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    BTW the shipped versions of the SDL and OpenAL libs are the same one as were released to patch the demo into working with ALSA for input, so the downloads at warp’s page aren’t needed.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    anybody got to test the 64bit version on a really high end amd fx processor?
    Could be fun to compare against the 32bit version.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i just bought ut2004 DVD-box in saturn store in germany for 45,- ?, windows and linux installs both without problems, but i have the 800×600-problem. but beside of that the game is full playable and rocking:D

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I picked up the CD edition yesterday and I haven’t been able to connect to a single server. The demo worked fine for me, but the retail seems to have a problem on amd64.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I followed the instructions on the back cover of the booklet and went to, filled out *all* the fields, required and optional alike, only to get a javascript error saying required fields must be filled in.

    I want to register my game as a linux user, but this error keeps me from doing so.

    Anyone else experienced this?

  16. mrew Says:

    Just bought the DVD version today; seems to be some stability issues: I’m occasionally getting mid-game crashes that I never experienced with the demo after extensive play. Last one bugged out with Assertion failed: p->model1 [File:KFarfield.cpp] [Line: 937]

    Anyways; other than that it’s totally awesome; and BR rules!

  17. Axxon Says:

    Hello. I cant seem to get my mic working in ut2k4. The problem is that when i hit the activate mic key, the sound is lowered but when i talk no one can hear me. Also, i dont see that display to see how loud you are talking. Also… i know my mic is working because i tested and recorded stuff on audacity. Please Help, Thanks

  18. ThoreauHD Says:

    Went to all the stores in my white bread redneck corner of the world, and they are completely sold out of the DVD version. Best Buy, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc..

    I don’t know what the deal is, but I’d like to get the thing one day. Might get here faster if I order from overseas at tuxgames methinks. I don’t know if Special Edition=DVD+pixie dust, but it certainly is special if you can find one.

    In regards to the software sharing(warez) guy. One thing you folks need to understand- Something that S2games/Savage understands is that supply and demand will be served whether you get irate or not. That is the system. Regardless of your arrogance you don’t make the system or the laws of nature. Whine that copyright doesn’t listen to the laws of physics all you want.

    And with these hard copies being nowhere to be found for a 75 cent DVD, you will eventually come to realize that piracy is more efficient than any other brick and mortar medium… and even more efficient than a single point of failure at an overloaded download site. It’s more efficient. It’s cheaper. It’s faster. Game companies have to release properly, like Savage for example with the download/key/hard copy/whatever package you want.

    And since games are marketed for children with no impulse control, this supply and demand paradigm becomes more accute.

    But don’t think that warez detracts from sales. I would not buy a car without test driving it first. I wouldn’t buy food without seeing if it’s rotten. You don’t hear smart game developers whine about this sh|t. I’m just saying here what everybody knows but are too scared/envious/2-faced to say. The distributors that do embrace it will become the innovator and turn this to their advantage(like Savage-just selling a key?:O). I am going to buy this game. I don’t have to. It’s because I want to. Btw, Icculus/UT rocks. $ to you and Epic.


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