TransGaming: Caring about Linux games

March 16th, 2004 by Alkini

As promised, Gav from TransGaming addressed somerecent issuesregarding the Linux gaming community’s perspective of the WineX commitment to us. He did this in his latest Gavriel States… column. The main issues he addresses are their “Macintosh product” and their original business model.

In addition to that column, the new President’s Message column lays out the “dire need” for “software ubiquity” and argues that “WineX is not dissuading developers from producing ‘native’ Linux games.”

All of this news comes to us via the Transgamer newsletter of which the most space was dedicated to the headlining “Who cares about Linux anyway???” section. In the section they assure us that they “strongly support” the development initiatives of Ryan Gordon, LGP, GarageGames and others.

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  1. theoddone33 Says:

    [i]”WineX is not dissuading developers from producing ‘native’ Linux games.”[/i]

    I agree, the lack of a market is.

  2. Hohlraum Says:

    Kohan was already released by loki.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I will take all the help I can get when it comes to gaming and Linux. I used to be madd about the mac side of there business but as long as they are moving ahead at a steady pace on the linux side I don’t care if they start porting Linux games to Windows.. I purchase games both native and I have games that need winex to run and some don’t run and I have to boot into windows. Forward progress is a good thing, if you really think about it Linux gaming has come a long way. At the end of the day these business need to turn a buck to keep going, hats off to anyone who has the gusto to go out there and do something against the odds.. (LGP, Transgaming, Tux, ID, Epic, etc.. )

  4. Anonymous Says:

    In the last news article about Transgaming, I stated that which ever developer(s) said they wouldn’t port their game to Linux because they thought it worked with WineX was a bunch of BS because it shows they wouldn’t even take the time to check for themselves.

    On slashdot, there’s an article about a Linux Game Roundtable with Ryan Gordon being one if the people they interviewd. He even stated the “anecdotal” evidence that winex stopped some game is all BS.

  5. zborgerd Says:

    I refuse to believe anyone that uses the word “synergy” to back up his business model.

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