SuperTux Release 0.0.6

March 18th, 2004 by Marv

SuperTux version 0.0.6 is a massive rewrite of the original SuperTux code so that it will be easier to build upon.The game is still at a very basic level, but has now reached a point where it can be considered playable, though only as a simple jump-and-run platformer. Still, this is progress.

A level editor is now built into the game which is functional and yet easy to use. The SuperTux team encourages you to pick up the game and its editor and develop some well written levels, so that they may build them into upcoming releases.

Download: [ SuperTux Release 0.0.6 ]

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  1. blacksheep Says:
  2. blacksheep Says:

    As one of the developers, I’ll talk a bit about it:
    SuperTux was originally (about 1998?) created by Bill Kendrick with the purpose to create a clone of SuperMario 1 for Linux.
    After the 0.0.4 version, Kendrick couldn’t spent much more time with it and so decided to open a sourceforge project and ask for a maintainer.
    Tobias Gläßer accepted and, in a short period, 0.0.5 was ready. Tobias goals were to clean up the code, since it was a pretty messy.
    This version (0.0.6) is a result of great cleanups and additions like the great menu, the OpenGL frontend (use the -gl parameter) and a built-in level editor. The built-in editor was started by myself, but it was Tobias that made it really neat :)

    SuperTux’s future seems promising: in cvs, we are already using c++ and a new level format (in Lisp) is being used that will allow to make some crazy things, just as paralax effect, moving platforms, scripting enemies and ease addition of new tiles.
    You can find plenty of info at our webpage:
    (by Ingo Ruhnke)

    Currently, the best contributions are levels and art. Ideas are allways appreciated ;)
    Join the mailing-lists to keep up with the development and contribute!

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