TransGaming Announces Shipment of Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone

March 9th, 2004 by jvm

Marv has asked me to update this item with an explanation of why it was posted. So here you go:

  • TransGaming started as a Linux-focused company working on WineX, produced some stand-alone ports via WineX, and continues to sell subscriptions to their WineX product.
  • In the meantime, they’ve begun the process of porting, or assisting the porting of, games for MacOS X, and there has been no visible movement to bring new products to Linux in the meantime.

The combination of these two points causes some consternation among Linux users, myself included. It gives the appearance of using WineX as simply a stepping stone to a larger business, which apparently has nothing to do with Linux. They have said, many times, that they could bring a Windows game to Linux in a very short time (e.g. a matter of a few weeks) yet from the press releases one gets the impression that they are in the business of porting games not to Linux, but to MacOS X.

I’m confident that TransGaming is aware that LinuxGames is not the place to advertise the release of a new MacOS X game; since it’s a touchy issue with some, I’d expected more care to be shown. Our readers are not their audience for that game, yet we received their press release in the mail, just like we do the press releases for their WineX product. Both Al and I had the same reaction: we should post it. After all, we do have readers who are WineX subscribers or at the very least potential subscribers, and it is relevant to them what they can expect from TransGaming.

The press release was excerpted without commentary here. Make of it, and the company that sent it, what you will. The original post follows:

TransGaming has helped to ship a new game. Here are some details from the press release they sent to LinuxGames.
The Adventure Company and TransGaming Technologies today announced that Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone has shipped.

The Omega Stone is a classic adventure that sends intrepid explorers on a quest to prevent a terrible disaster prophesized by the ancients. Beautifully rendered scenery from Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Lost City of Atlantis sets the tone for this evocative mystery.

Ported from its original Windows® version by TransGaming Technologies, the game offers more than 50 hours of gameplay in a historically and archaeologically accurate world of adventure. The game’s beauty is emphasized by full-screen video cut-scenes, real-time in-game animations, a full 360-degree camera and a captivating soundtrack.

You can order this MacOS X game from online retailers such as Amazon.

Read: Full Press Release

16 Responses to “TransGaming Announces Shipment of Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you mind telling me what this release has to do with Linux games in any way? Companies sign contracts with Transgaming to ports apps to OS X, we know this, and it doesn’t have anything to do with a Linux release.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    As has been stated before – wasn’t transgaming suppose to be supporting gaming on LINUX?

  3. zborgerd Says:

    Yay. Transgaming ports another game to Macintosh.

    I’m going to go out and buy it right now (not).

  4. Anonymous Says: should just forward to

  5. mrew Says:

    did I go to by mistake?

  6. Cerb Says:

    the only thing I can think of is that jvm is trying to make some sort of point. He’s been pretty vocal about criticizing Transgaming’s porting decisions in the past. While I agree with his conclusions, they belong in an editorial.

    If I’m wrong and reading too much into this, fine, but then why bother with news about a Mac OSX port? Is this trend going to continue?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Why post a “news” articles on MacOS X game release ?
    What’s next, updates on the progress of Halo 2 on XBox ? I can’t wait to read all about it !

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Either come clean about Transgaming (ie, no thinly disguised, indignant missives implying an anti-Linux stance) and turn it into posting policy, or post the stories without the undertones. It’s getting a little childish now.

    I think all anyone is asking for – at least I am – is that be *consistent*.

  9. chunky Says:

    They take people’s money in a service-contract kind of way, so that in the future they can do more stuff for them [that being what service-contract type things are].

    Then they send press releases to those exact people saying “Hi! We just ported another game to a system you aren’t using!”

    That’s not even funny. It’s halfway between tasteless, and incendiary.

    I mean – there’s a happy medium between failing to keep promises, and actively stabbing people in the face. Damn glad I never subscribed to them.

    “We promised to release source if people gave us money, but then we gave lots of that money to macromedia and signed a deal that says we can’t release source”
    “Oh – you gave us money to support you, but instead here’s a MacOSX port”

    Nah, I guess you’re right. Both of those qualify as stabbing people in the face.

    Gary (-;

  10. chunky Says:

    At least they’re only taking your money and doing completely irrelevant things with it, as opposed to suing you.

    I hope you subscribers keep your subscription going – If you’re not careful, Transgaming will follow in SCO’s footsteps and actually begin taking ex-customers to court – You never downloaded the tg source, right?

    At least GavrielS wears cooler hats than Stowell

    Gary (-;
    -1, Flamebait. For me
    -7, Flamebait. For the stupid news post from the same guy that brought you “3 Years of Transgaming Happiness & Light”

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Transgaming was not intending to stir shit, they just forgot to remove the Linux news contacts from the list of people to send the presss release to.

  12. rafaMEX Says:

    Fuck you.

  13. theoddone33 Says:

    I recommend removing this news post as it does not reflect well on the LG staff.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I probably would not have heard about it otherwise. Frankly, I like to know these sorts of things for those times when I am explaining why Transgaming is not a Linux friendly company. It’s not relivent to me because it is a macos game. It’s relivent because these people tell us that they are our friends while they crater the potential for a Linux game market.

    I would be a little less hard on them if they were at least legally capable of delievering on their promise to release the source if they reached their subscription goal. I would rather they just drop their windows emulation product and focus on Mac ports. They would do less harm to Linux that way.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    they forgot to include the linux port on the cd, so here it is:

    winex “Riddle of the Sphinx II.exe”

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