Final Frontier Trader 0.64 released

March 9th, 2004 by Marv

In some less flame-baited news, Final Frontier Trader,has been updated to release 0.64. Changelog includes the following items:

  • The weapon change keys can be changed now
  • Fixed a small bug that crashed the game when you tried to change a control to a key that was already in use
  • Changed turn delays to be in milliseconds
  • Added an AI ship that automatically starts attacking you
  • You can be hit by the AI ship, and the right lower display shows your current speed, shields, and hull integrity
  • Made it more obvious what happens in menus by replacing “Cancel” buttons with “Back to…”
  • Fixed collision detection bug that would show itself when zoomed out
  • Allowed non-starter player ships to be added in the object script
  • Added “shootpoint” to the FPK Specification
  • Added a message that outputs whenever any FPK has an error
  • Made warp speed a little more interesting. It is now an exponentially increasing speed. Also allowed the engine to overheat, and cause instant game over

Download [ Final Frontier Trader 0.64 ]

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