Official Radeon Driver 3.7.1

March 4th, 2004 by Marv

Version 3.7.1 of the Official ATI Radeon Linux Driver has been released. This adds supports for ATI RADEON™ 9800 XT.
Download [ Radeon Driver 3.7.1 ]

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  1. zborgerd Says:

    I was excited when I saw this message… Until I read the release notes. Though I have had reasonable success with my Radeon 9500 PRO on Linux, I seriously *hope* that they did more than just add support for the 9800XT. The 3.7.0 drivers are two months old now, and such a minor “fix” is very little effort for two months work.

    Again, mine has worked very well so far, but I don’t consider this release to be much of an “upgrade” over the last driver. Can anyone share their experiences with it so far?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    One word = speechless

    Slackware 9.1 / 2.6.4-rc1-mm1 no go with the new driver.X will not even start.

    On there’s been many reports about the driver not working.

  3. sth Says:

    Two whole months and they didn’t do anything except for adding a single PCI-id to a header-file! (the XT already worked when you specified a 9800pro PCI-id manually).

    These drivers are really crappy and ATI seems to do nothing to fix them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is the time for ATI to Open Source their drivers.
    Maybe it will cost them som dough to get all their patents sorted out, but they have done it before and can do it again.
    They are a _hardware_ company, and they are in it for selling that stuff.
    If they Open Source now, they will get tremendous benefits by being included in every distro – and more importantly, they will get folks interested in drivers.
    This means that they much easier can get future engineers to work on their drivers.

    At a point in time, the development for Linux drivers was faster for ATI than Nvidia compared to how mature their drivers was.
    But Nvidia slowed down development when they got really mature.
    Meanwhile ATI made a regression with 3.7 to get better graphics, but at the cost of speed.
    This version doesn’t bring back speed, and doesn’t actually bring anything to the table.
    I still cannot start multiple X sessions, I can’t run Savage, all games runs dog slow compared to their windows counterpart.
    I have to apply two patches (both of which have been send to ATI support, many months ago) just to install the driver.

    I will give ATI one more release, because this release could just be a re-release of the 2 month old driver to support a new card.

    ATI has to look at the big picture, if they are in front with Open Source, they will also be it in the future.
    And we all know that people who changes to Open Source because they are trying to avoid vendelockin not are going back to closed source.
    It is enough to burn your fingers once.

    So I really hope ATI will consider that they are a hardware company, and by making their software as accesible as possible, they will sell more hardware.

  5. Flammon Says:

    Last time I tried, the 3.7.0 driver just kept on crashing my system. I’ve sent them multiple reports of the error messages, the oopses and so on and the only thing they could reply was ‘Look at our FAQ’! Well, I looked at their friggin FAQ and it didn’t help. Unless they fix their drivers, this is the last time I’m ever buying an ATI card.

  6. disnel Says:

    Sorry for typos, I’was a bit angry ….

  7. Myth Says:

    no men, only nvidia by now

  8. Anonymous Says:


    AFAIK the windows version of the current
    ATI driver supports already the OpenGL GLSL.

    Does the linux version also.

    Could somebody with a current driver installed
    please post (and email: :)
    the ouput from ‘glxinfo’


  9. Quicktime Says:

    They removed the file and the link points to 3.7.0, again. Any idea when the dri-drivers will be compatible with kernel 2.6? Ati doesn’t seem to make an effort to improve linux support.

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