TransGaming Editorial

March 2nd, 2004 by Crusader

Our very own Matt “jvm” Matthews has written an editorial taking a critical look at TransGaming’s record over the past three years.

So, what has TransGaming accomplished? It now officially supports at least five games; it also sells two others which were built using WineX and for which I presume it offers some level of support. Along the way, TransGaming added support to WineX for DirectX 8, a Microsoft API used by many modern games, to allow Max Payne to be one of the supported games. Despite that work, only seven of the games in their database are rated highly enough to be considered “perfect”.

6 Responses to “TransGaming Editorial”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The games database is out of date. Although only seven are listed as high enough to be perfect, many unsupported games run near perfect, certainly well enough to play, Colin McRae 2 being a recent one, as well as the nascar racing series up to Nascar 2003.
    I know native ports are better etc., but for games that will never be ported wineX offers an answer. I am not part of Transgaming, I just like their product.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Support developers that natively port a game. I refuse to support any developer or transgaming in that matter to take something free under the GPL and fork it and charge for it. I find this really fucking retarded seeing they do not contribute enough back to the wine developers themselves. Don’t support these frauds.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    He expresses concern that they are selling Kohan, but it is not listed as a supported game.

    Guess what? Win32 Kohan is _not_ supported, primarily because the Transgaming WineLib port is what they are actually selling.

    It bothers him that they are encouraging the use of ReWind, because it is non-LGPL. They _have_ to. They are adding proprietary code to Wine in order to make with work with the stupid copy-protection libraries like SafeDisk. They cannot legally provide that service in an LGPL codebase.

    Basically, I read this as nothing more than an attempt to be inflammatory.

    Disclaimer: I am an ex-subscriber to TransGaming. I unsubscribed because I don’t like their marketing, and my old ATI video card didn’t work well with it.

  4. Brass_Monkey Says:

    I don’t think anyone would argue that native support of games under Linux is the ultimate goal. However, even if future games are supported, some games people love to play now will never be ported. I think Transgaming’s work will be beneficial in that repect. I am a former Transgaming suscriber. When I first susbscribed to Transgaming, I thought it was great since my favorite game at the time worked (JKII). However nothing I have bought since that time has worked for me worth beans, so I stopped supporting them. However in all fairness, I blame the copy protection schemes as the #1 reason for failure, not Transgaming’s inability to “port” the games.

  5. folyn Says:

    [q]To be perfectly frank, I’m not sure that TransGaming has done enough good for the Linux gaming world to deserve any more of our money.[/q]

    And to be perfectly frank, it’s [i]my[/i] money, not [i]our[/i] money that I am spending to play warcraft3 without rebooting…thanks.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Tell me, why is there a problem with supporting BOTH native ports AND Transgaming? I mean…it’s not like they’re mutually exclusive. I myself am a Transgaming subscriber AND a vigorous proponent of native ports (through icculus). There’s no reason you can’t attack the issue of Linux gaming from both ends of the spectrum.

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