Legends 0.4.1

February 22nd, 2004 by Marv

The Torque Engine based game, Legends, has been updated to release version 0.4.1. Changes in this release include the following items:

  • Better fog rendering
  • Toned down turrets
  • A bug in namespace linking and server mission cycling which caused some gametypes to stop working correctly (such as War)
  • Shockwaves now render on interiors
  • Sensor net properly works. Enemies will only have a friend or foe indicator (red/green triangle) or show up on the mission map only when they are within range of one of your team’s sensors. Sensors are on a few objects that don’t show up on the map such as players and deployable turrets, but radii are so small that it’s not worth cluttering the map up with drawing their radii.
  • Disc Launcher should no longer feel “unresponsive”.

To play first downloadLegends 0.4.0 and then update from your Legends install directory. The command to update is:
‘rsync -CarvvSP –block-size=1024 –progress –stats rsync:// .’

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    the rsync command is missing the final “.” …

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