Unreal Tournament 2004 on DVD – Demo Soonish

February 11th, 2004 by Crusader

Atari has announced that Epic Games’ upcoming FPS combat title Unreal Tournament will have a special DVD-ROM edition released concurrent with the CD-ROM edition:

Atari appears ready to test the DVD waters again, as it’s preparing a special 2-DVD-ROM edition of Unreal Tournament 2004, slated to be released at the same time as the CD-ROM version. Although we weren’t given any definitive prices, it’s expected that the DVD-ROM version will retail for $59.95, compared to $39.95 for the CD-ROM edition.

Why do a DVD version of UT 2004, you might ask? The rationale becomes obvious once you find out that the CD version of the game is shipping on 6 discs. (The minimum installation reportedly takes up a whopping 5.5 GB of hard-drive space.) All 6 CD’s fit nicely on disc 1 of the DVD set, which (if nothing else) should make the installation easier and reduce the risk of misplacing or scratching various CD’s.

This frees up disc 2 of the DVD set for a variety of special features not included with the CD set, including a number of behind-the-scenes interviews at Epic showing the making of UT 2004.


If the extra DVD features don’t seem worthy of the extra bucks, Atari is also bundling a Logitech headset with this special edition of UT 2004. The game has a number of features that make use of the headset, from voice-over-IP communication with other players, to voice recognition software that allows players to shout orders at computer-controlled bots in the single-player action.

Gamespy also has a new preview of UT2K4 up.

Moreover, the Windows demo was released earlier today; Epic’s Daniel “Hot Dog” Vogel gave a SITREP on the Linux demo at Shacknews:

Ryan is currently tracking down a last minute Linux client bug with vehicles. I don’t think he’s slept since Monday…

Thanks in advance to icculus for all his hard work! We’ll update as soon as the Linux client/server package is available.

18 Responses to “Unreal Tournament 2004 on DVD – Demo Soonish”

  1. chunky Says:

    There’s a ut2k4 ml:

    Dunno why I subscribed – not like I can afford the stupid game, and it’s not like I played any of the last 3 Unreal Games I bought, either. Blah.

    Gary (-;

  2. Anonymous Says:

    5 cd’s? 5.5 GB space? Repeet it to You self once again – sounds to crazy for me… I will wait some more years for Q4 or DOOM…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    now if only ryan would accept an orkut invite, then we can all set ourselves as fans of him, and rate him really high. :)


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Buy the “special” edition from EBGames for only $39.95 from here:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    He’s currently sleeping, since he’s been up since monday.

    Suggest you all hit the sack, it won’t be out until tomorrow, when he’s awake enough to fix the last bug.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    well the server is out already, it was on ftp servers before the windows demo

  7. tashpool Says:

    must…not ..give in to…dual winxp boot…must…wait…for linux…demo…argh!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Apparently the bug has been fixed, and after a few last minute QA checks, it’ll be heading out to mirrors.

    the bug in the game that was holding it up was due to differences in win32 and linux abs(), apparently. The symptoms showed up when you tried to accelerate a vehicle from a standstill, ie the vehicle needed a push start before you could accelerate :)


  9. Anonymous Says: <– download it. BT file is available.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    There is a link on that doen’t work or is overloaded. Doe anybody have a link to download the demo? Due to company firewall I can’t use the torrent file.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    ut2k4 lnx demo mirrors:

  12. Anonymous Says:

    let’s make it simple: the game rocks!!!
    I havent had this kind of fun in a long kind.
    special thx to icculus and thx to the rest of the devs.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I just pissed myself I’m so happy. Where’s the Icculus donation link again?

  14. Diesel Says:

    I was so exited when I bought the game but when
    I put in the dvd it starts and then says “… insert disc2 …”

  15. Anonymous Says:

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