Homeworld SDL 0.2 Alpha

November 26th, 2003 by Marv

A new version of HomeWorld SDL has been released. Changes in this release include the following items:

  • Game no longer crashes during explosions.
  • Configuration now loads properly from ~/.homeworld/Homeworld.cfg.
  • Resolution changing now works properly in OpenGL.
  • Saved game code has been changed to allow for better portability of saved games.
  • SDL 1.2.6 no longer needed (any SDL 1.2.x should work okay).

Homeworld SDL 0.2 Binary
Homeworld SDL 0.2 Patch

2 Responses to “Homeworld SDL 0.2 Alpha”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    very nice work on this for us linux fans of there by chance I wonder any approximate date when sound might be working? -))

    thanks ;-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    can’t see the main ship at all , only the background :(

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