November 21st, 2003 by Alkini

“But if it came too easy it wouldn’t be worth all the time that it took…”

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  • Daniele “Balrog994″ Collantoni from the GemRB project sent this in:
  • GemRB is an Open-Source Infinity Engine Emulator working with Unix/Linux, MacOsX, and Windows. The engine purpose was to port games like Baldur’s Gate to the Linux platform, but now the project is growing.

    The new scope is to make an engine more sophisticated than the real Infinity Engine from BioWare. We are planning to implement various add-ons to make it more versatile and expandible.

    If you are interested check out our site at

    We are searching for skilled C++ programmers….

  • After some initial hiccups and downtime, has (re)launched
  • O’Reilly’s Linux DevCenter posted an article, NeL: The Software Behind the Next Great MMORPG?, which talks about the upcoming MMORPG Ryzom using NeL as their game engine.
  • The Linux Jedi Clan wrote in to announce their existence and their docs: WINE/WINEX HOWTO, JK2/JKA HOWTO

I apologize for not getting to the rest of the news that belongs in here, but my ‘net connection has been down at home all day and I don’t want to hold the rest of this back any longer.

4 Responses to “urandom”

  1. kccricket Says:

    “More Ballistics Screenshots” gets main headline, but the news about GemRB gets stuck in /dev/urandom.

    If you’re going to put version release information here, you should have included WineX and GtkRadiant instead of giving them their own spots in the news.

    Just my 00000010 cents.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    SuSE + WineX Games ?

  3. zealotasd Says:

    [i]Boson 0.9.1, an OpenGL C&C/Starcraft-ish RTS game[/i]

    Boson does not resemble Starcraft in any way. Remember the moral of Freecraft Project, mimick your enemies without giving any shadow of reference to your enemies all-the-while supporting similar or compatible protocol.

    Are you people trying to jinx Boson? It’s too late to replace now, only ammend.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    maybe everyone already knows this, but pydance is actually available at and not at

    also, it’s at version 0.8.2, not 0.8.1.

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