NWN: Hordes of the Underdark Goes Gold

November 19th, 2003 by Alkini

Bioware has announced that Hordes of the Underdark (screenshots), the second Neverwinter Nights expansion, has gone gold. The announcement states that they expect to be shipping to retail stores in “a few weeks” but their site specifies December 2nd as the date that it will be in stores.

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Update: GameBanshee has conducted an interview with BioWare’s Darcy Pajak (Assistant Producer) and Tom Ohle (PR Specialist), asking about NWN:HotU.

8 Responses to “NWN: Hordes of the Underdark Goes Gold”

  1. Jestrzcap Says:

    I really hope Tuxgames gets their copies right away and that I see this by the second week in December. I had to wait more than a month for my Savage pre-order. That sucked.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any benefit for the base campaign and SoU? If I buy NWN gold now (nwn + sou) and start levelling now, will I miss any addition to the base campgin / SoU?

  3. Dougst3r Says:

    Ok, if you only played the single-player campaigns then let me tell you that you are missing out on 90% of the fun. For the first time a couple weeks ago I logged into a Persistent World Action server in NwN multiplayer and OMG it is awesome. I haven’t done anything for weeks now except play this game. I’m totally hooked and having an awesome time playing. You just have to try it – seriously. And man I am looking forward to this expansion bigtime! Send a private email if you want a pointer to a really good really hard low-magic persistent world role-playing server with a bunch of great people as players.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    On Tuesday, Bioware announced on their forums that Hordes was gold. I wasted no time and started a thread on the linux forum (see thread called “Hordes is Gold… Linux support ?”)… Basically, Andrew replied and said that the CD won t contain any linux installer nor binaries… He told me they ll be available online. But when I asked when, I got no reply…

  5. simcon Says:

    Looks nice. In fact the viewing angle in the screenshots looks more horizontal that my version of NWN. That’s something that really irritates me about the game. I always seem like I’m looking too much from above. Is there a way to fix this do you know?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Bioware should release a Platin Edition
    with all addons and Windows and Linux Support in one package.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    when bioware comes to plate and meets challenge of I ‘might’ becomes interesting..but at this point is a mockery to linux movies and no toolset and no installer..and this is support?..not compare that to what we got from savage…

    thx but i’m not impressed but I guess mabye they’ll figure it out in some future game..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Am I missing anything? I haven’t seen a word called “LINUX” on their box set! So I am not going to buy it.

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