Dominions II Available and Shipping

November 17th, 2003 by Alkini

Illwinter let us know that Dominions II: The Ascension Wars (screenshots), their new turn-based fantasy strategy game, is now shipping. An official press release has been put out by Shrapnel Games, their publisher:

Shrapnel Games is extremely pleased to announce that Illwinter GameDesign’s turn-based fantasy epic, Dominions II: The Ascension Wars, isnow available and has begun shipping worldwide. Legions of hungry fansfrom around the globe are eagerly awaiting this title, judging by themassive number of pre-orders that Shrapnel received. In fact, hot on theheels of Space Empires: Starfury’s pre-release sales record, DominionsII has just set a new company record for pre-orders!

Dominions II can be ordered from TG for $40 or from Shrapnel Games for $44.95.

5 Responses to “Dominions II Available and Shipping”

  1. simcon Says:

    it looks lovely. haven’t played the demo because i’ve only got isdn. so can somebody tell me if it’s worth buying? it looks like the Total War series on windows. $40/£23 is a good price.

  2. Svartalf Says:

    I’ve been kind of busy with other things, including trying to get my Athlon64 box flying in 64-bit mode.

  3. LampEft Says:

    Where’s all the wailing and moaning about Tux Games’ price on the game? Ohhh.. I see…. their price is cheaper than that of a competing seller! Hmm thought TG was supposed to be gouging us on prices. Guess not.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Is it the same as Age of Wonders ?? Mater of Magic ??

  5. Anonymous Says:

    checkout price for simcity 3000 at and TELL ME its fair..then checkout price at say the actual developers site :

    now you tell me if its fair or not..and other games are in the same price range..

    are linux users getting somehow more for the dollar the the $12.95 package from the original manufacturer?

    if so fine what is it..


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