LinuxWorld Civ:CTP Review, Gaming Article

June 30th, 1999 by Crusader

LinuxWorld has gone hardcore today, with a review of Linux Civilization: CTP by Rawn Shah and an article about Linux gaming in general by Joe Barr. The extensive Civ: CTP review explains gameplay basics, the technology advances, wonders of the world, units, and game strategies, as well as the author’s opinion on what Civ’s release means to Linux’s future. Barr’s article begins by stressing how critical a large gaming library can be to the success of an operating system, stating “in feedback to my articles about the migration of the desktop from Windows to Linux, the most popular reason for hesitation given has been a reluctance to give up games.”Barr also includes a few of my mundane thoughts on the state of Linux gaming, as well as Scott Draeker’s and James Hills’ (who led a panel on Linux gaming during a recent Linux expo).

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