Enigma 0.81

October 19th, 2003 by Crusader

Version 0.81 of Enigma,a puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd and Marble Madness,has been released by Daniel Heck. Changes:

  • Time game
  • Easy / difficult game mode
  • Sokoban mode
  • Game manual
  • More than 300 new levels (now over 580 in total)
  • Better soft scrolling
  • Countless new game elements: turnstiles, volcanos, warp tunnels,land-mines, jump pads, rotors, …

Additional notes:

This release took almost 8 months to complete, and I’m extremelygrateful to every one who helped out. Special kudos go to our “new”team members: Ralf Westram, who was the leading force behind mostinnovations in this release, programming many of the new game objectsand contributing the Sokoban level pack, and Sven Siggelkow, whosingle-handedly created most of the levels in the Esprit level pack.

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Enigma 0.81 Download – [ ]

2 Responses to “Enigma 0.81”

  1. blacksheep Says:

    I think this is the most polished free game out there!

  2. friedmud Says:

    I got this last night and spent about 4 hours that I should have been studying… rolling around those little balls.

    My favorite puzzles are the meditation ones – but some of them get SEVERELY difficult!

    I agree with blacksheep that the game seems VERY polished – the way the input feels is incredible – you have to have good control in the game – and everytime you mess up you blame yourself and NOT the game. This is good because it makes it frustrating in a FUN way instead of you trying to deal with the quirkiness of the game.

    BTW – on gentoo just “emerge enigma”


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