Legends 0.2.2

September 24th, 2003 by Crusader

The development team for Legends (screenshots), a Torque engine-based (of Tribes 2 fame) first-person shooter, letus know that they have released a Linux client-server package for their project:

The game isdesigned to take advantage of the beautiful environments in the Torqueengine while still offering the breakneck pace and variety of gameplaystyles available from classics such as Quake and Tribes.Our game has been made for gamers, by gamers, and will always remainfree (as in beer), supported, and improved as long as there is interestin it.

The game is still in beta, so please be sure to fire in bug reports. There’s an updater utility included as well.

Legends 0.2.2 Linux Release – []

Edit: Woops, this is indeed a dupe. Well, now you get to read about it twice! So there! ;) (p.s., in the future more effort will be made on my part to actually read what’s been posted before. Apologies for the inconvenience.)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow a dupe on the same page (ok this one with more info)! if it works for Slashdot then it sould work here, time to upgrade server!
    BTW, thanks for posting updates, this is the only site I check for Linux games.

  2. Alkini Says:

    Yeah, it is, but since you started a thread here, I’d hate to delete it now and disrespect you like that :-)

    Thanks for reading LG.

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