PrBoom 2.3.0 released

September 22nd, 2003 by Marv

PrBoom, an enhanced version of Doom, has released a new version of their public beta. Changelog is listed below:

- the OpenGL libs are loaded dynamically
- only one executable for software rendering and OpenGL
- option for sound compatibility with original Doom
- added more compatibility levels (check frontend configurations!)
- in game switching between fullscreen and windowed mode
- fix super-shotgun reload on last shot
- intermission demo sync bug fixed
- support for more and less then 8 channels
- improved response file parser
- replaced use_vsync with use_doublebuffer in cfg file and implemented double buffering
- removed old Doom v1.2 lumps from prboom.wad
- removed lumps and tables which are in prboom.wad from source
- fix translucency map file handle leak
- added a quake like console
- new menu code and much more options available through it
- reworked software renderer
- bilinear filter for software rendering- AdvanceScale2x like filter, but working on individual lines not fullscreen
- smooth edges on masked textures and sprites
- 16bit and 32bit software rendering
- sound and video settings changeable while running (Software <-> OpenGL)
- VIDD (Version Independant Doom Demo) support

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So with this game I guess the Linux community doesn’t need LH2 after all! That may have sounded like I was knocking PrBoom, but it is ment as a compliment. Actually I havent played this… but I will soon as it looks good enough to play.

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