ATI Drivers Version 3.2.5

September 7th, 2003 by Crusader

ATI has made version 3.2.5 of their graphics card driver for Linux available. The requisite (and vague) changes include:

  • Many 3D fixes
  • Many bugs fixed
  • TV Out Support
  • PseudoColor Support
  • Support for Many cards added
  • Full Screen Anti Aliasing Support (FSAA)

Thanks to Eric Williams for the news.

Download: []

Update: by Alkini, Wed Sep 10 16:26:01 CDT 2003: Karoly “KillaK” Harth also wrote in to announce the ATI FAQ that he’s written.

17 Responses to “ATI Drivers Version 3.2.5”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    More importantly!! XFree86 4.3.0 support, which is great news for people who don’t want to spend time looking for unofficial, semi-supported builds. Personally, I find that the gatos drivers are more than adequate for normal 2D-3D use and they are free software (i.e. they will always be around for old hardware).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do they do 16-bit color for Half-Life? When I attempted to run HL in Wine with previous builds, I was told by HL not to run in 24-bit but 16-bit color mode. Any way around this?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How successfull has been the use of these drivers with laptops?

  4. zborgerd Says:

    Time for me to buy a Radeon.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The TV out support, according to the ‘installation tips’ doc, is for Radeon 9800s and 9700s only. And here, I was hoping to rig it up on my 9000. x.x

  6. TheRaven Says:

    Previously I had heard major problems with UT2003 and with Winex… Do these new drivers fix that, or are there still problems with them…

    Additionally, does anyone know how these compare to the Nvidia drivers speed-wise… Its time to get a new card; the Geforce2 GTS is balking under UT2003 now, so I’d like to replace it. Seems ATI generally has the hardware advantage (Vision Tek switched to ATI, and I have liked their cards so far and would like to keep buying them), but that means nothing without good linux drivers, as I have no need to use Windows any longer. Any info appreciated.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    so can someone provide some benches? Do radeons finally go on par with geforces in linux?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    As I pointed-out in the forums, all Radeons above model 9200 are only supported by ATI’s closet-source drivere; while the opensource DRI drivers support all Radeons upto model 9200.

    To be of greater patriotism, I strongly suggest that those of you in the market for a graphics adaptor should only purchase what is supported by the DRI (DRI for Radeon, funded by The Weather Channel). This means only purchase a model 9200 and below, althogh ATI has been smoking crack all their life and as I provided in my post at on the mis-leading performance of their graphics adaptors as provided by their product titles…[br]

    Legend: “LT” means the performance is inferior. “GT” means the performance is superior”

    model 9000 LT 8500
    model 8500 LT 9100
    model 9200 LT 8500
    model 9200 LT 9100
    model 9100 GT 9200, 9000, 8500[br]

    So who agrees with me that ATI makes a good product and their Sales/Marketing team smokes crack?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The 3.2 series seems to be on a decent track now. They are still not as fast as the 2.9 series drivers were but they are also not as buggy and don’t lock up as much.

    TV out works for some people but not for others and I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone that has gotten 3D acceleration to work on a TV out. The AIW cards of course don’t have a working tuner (although that is a seperate issue from these drivers).

    Speedwise these drivers offer no improvement over the 3.2.4 set. This driver appears to be mostly a bug fix release. The UT2K3 bugs are mostly gone now (although the game runs butt slow for some people) and I haven’t had the game lock on me yet with these new drivers. The FPS will be nowhere near what you would see with the Windows drivers though.

    In ET the game plays just as it ever did. Like I said these drivers are slower than the 2.9 release and those might be a better option for ET. I used to get around 90 fps on average with the older set and now I am down to 50 on average with these. The game doesn’t lock up with the new drivers either (but to be fair some people had no problems with the 2.9 drivers at all except with UT2K3).

    And in GLGears I get about 1200 fewer fps than with the older driver. :p

    All in all I have to say that ATI is coming along nicely with their Linux drivers. Hopefully they can bring them up to speed quicker than Nvidia did with theirs when they first entered the Linux space.

  10. chakie Says:

    I need a new cheap card for my Linux box. Are ATI cards nowadays viable alternatives, or is the support still “butt slow and crashes daily”? Nvidia’s cards are a bit too expensive, but they do have very solid support and good drivers.

    What ATI card can one expect to get to work at all? Some kind of accelerated 3D is a must (for my game development, not for playing UT etc) as is stable, sharp and fast 2D.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I’m running Slackware 9 (X 4.3.0) with a Radeon 8500LE, Athlon XP, and Via chipset. I think like many others I’ve struggled to get decent 3D support for my ATI card on X 4.3.0. I installed the new 3.2.5 drivers and now I’m feeling pretty good. UT2003 looks great, is stable, and my frame rates are ~ 80 fps at normal settings. Let the games begin…

  12. LampEft Says:

    Maybe it’s time for me to buy that Radeon 9800 I’ve had my eye on for a while now… :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    anyone know if/when the ATI drivers will support opengl 1.5 features?
    like ARB vertex and fragment shaders (or hell, even just ATI_ vertex and fragment shaders).. and ARB vertex buffers?

  14. gentooshark Says:

    I can now play UT2003. Frame rates are close to my windows box. Tribes2 runs much better no lock ups yet. FanFrckingTastic is what I say. No longer in need of a NVIDIA card. Lokking forward to getting a 9800pro. My box is amd1800+ on k7s5a, 512mb ddr, gentoo uptodate, Very Happy

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I have a tyan tiger MP with 2×1700+ and an original 8500 (275/275 I think?). I’m running gentoo unstable.

    Starting with this 3.2.5 driver I’ve been able to play Urban Terror 3.0b (quake3 mod) @1280×1024 settings and not see my frame rates go below 45fps.

    I’ve also upped my neverwinter nights resolution to 1024×768 and keep a very playable frame rate.

    I’m very very happy with these results, and hope there’s lots of headroom to get better. I personally cannot STAND the 2d quality with anything NVIDIA puts out there. Their cards are pretty much crappy overclocked superheat generators.

  16. Twiggy794 Says:

    I’ve been trying since the day these new ATI Linux drivers were released to get the damn thing installed. I have 32-bit color support now, and GL stuff runs a little bit smoother, but I don’t have hardware acceleration and the fglrxinfo app turns up Mesa drivers, not ATI. PLease tell me somebody knows how to fix this. I don’t want to wait for Redhat 10 to come out. As that’ll be like 2 years.

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