August 20th, 2003 by Marv

The latest release of Xmame/Xmess-0.72.1 has been released with the following changes:

Everything from MAME 0.72 and MESS 0.72. – The various effects enabled by -effect now work with rotation enabled.
– The Xv target supports more effects.
– The rc parsing code displays more compact and readable error messages.
– Xv windowed mode is now enabled with “-x11-mode 2″ or “-x11 2″, and Xv fullscreen mode is enabled with “-x11-mode 3″ or “-x11 3″. The “-[no]xv” and “-fullscreen” switches are no longer available for X11 builds. – Networking should work again. I’d forgotten to change instances of MAME_NET in src/unix to XMAME_NET in the 0.70.1 release. – Added hotkey switching for Xv windowed mode via ALT + DEL and Xv fullscreen mode via ALT + END.
– The xfx target should build again.
– Added -widescreen for Xv. This shrinks the width of the output for display on a widescreen TV.

Download: Full TarBall
Patch against 0.71.1

3 Responses to “xmame/xmess-0.72.1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m deep in the heart of Unix technology and there isn’t a girl in sight! Girls are yucky and none of them are around these geek places! Now I can die happy!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When are they going to fix the NES emulation in MESS? The last version that I know had working NES emulation was 0.39b7. We’re up to 0.72.x now.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone who hasn’t run mame with 3Dfx Glide renderer is missing out. Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to own a voodoo3, or a voodoo4 in that sense, is to have the hardware glide support. Allthough this doesn’t pertain to XMAME/XMESS, does anyone know if openGL is supported or is it just X11 renderer? And if anyone has tried, can you give a report on XMAME/XMESS being able to run on the alternative X servers such as DirectFB’s XDirectFB X Window System server?

    Thanks dudes

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