TransGaming Chastens Gentoo

August 5th, 2003 by Alkini

According to the yesterday’s Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, TransGaming, developers of WineX, requested that Gentoo remove their WineX ebuilds from Portage, Gentoo’s software distribution system. An ebuild is an autobuild script that Portage uses to build packages from source. Previously, Portage pulled and built the WineX source from TG’s public CVS tree, but apparently thisis “seriously discouraged” by the WineXlicense in the CVS tree. Thenewsletter summarizes TG’s argument as this:

the public CVS tree’s purpose is not to provide a free version of WineX, but to enable people to assist with their developmentefforts

The newsletter also cites an excerpt of the WineX license that addresses this issue:

Note that while this license does permit certain kinds of non-commercial distribution of pre-compiled binary packages of WineX,doing so on a large scale is discouraged, as it affects TransGaming’s ability to continue to improve and develop the code.

So, folks, what are your impressions? Isn’t this a rather fine line for people to have to walk. Has this “large-scale” distribution by Gentoo has already affected “TransGaming’s ability to continue to improve and develop thecode” or was this a preemptive strike?

Thanks to Paul Everingham for the tip on this news.

25 Responses to “TransGaming Chastens Gentoo”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This certainly undermines the very much needed funding for WineX. The only reason I had a windows partition is gaming, and that partition has gone since WineX 3.0

    It’s only $5/month people. If Gentoo users can download WineX freely then that would hinder WineX development in one way or another in the future.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …for WineX to be boycotted. We want native games.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Except Gentoo isn’t a binary distro is it? I thought it was something like a linux from scratch distro.

    I would’ve subscribed a long time ago to WineX but the don’t accept debit cards, no American Express, and they won’t take PayPal. Seems to me that if you are in the business of making money then you ought to make some effort on making sure that you can collect it.

    I just use CVS Wine because of that. Works pretty good for me at least.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think its kind of cool, actually. Some of the ancient games that I really like may live again thanks to WineX. I have a considerable pile of old Windows game cdroms that don’t work with new versions of Windows anymore and they will never be updated unless somebody reverse-engineers them for Linux.

    For instance, I like playing Interplay’s Fallout1/2 bonus pack sometimes, but it just doesn’t install on Win2k, yet it works great with Wine. FWIW if I have a choice of playing it in Wine or Windows, each with reasonable performance, then I’ll pick Wine anyday.

    I run my Wine games fullscreen on a second Xserver with a special XF86Config file that way it doesn’t interfere with my VT7 login, and it just crashes to the console if it core dumps.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Those WineX ppl are leaches, they took Free Software and are working hard to make it proprietary. If you want proprietary software, just install Windows. I think Gentoo was wrong to remove it and that Gentoo should have kept those ebuilds even if it forced the Transgaming people to close their CVS and show the world that they are leeches.

  6. theoddone33 Says:

    I make no claim to not be biased.

    First… why would a Gentoo or Debian package (they did the exact same thing with Debian) promote not paying for WineX any more than offering public CVS? Just because it’s more convenient? People don’t pay for WineX because they’re charitable… they pay for it because more is offered in the commercial releases than is given out for free. I don’t see Gentoo or Debian affecting this at all.

    Second… this seems kinda like a minor contradiction on Transgaming’s part. They’re more than willing to take any fixes you make and put them into their commercial version (from which you’ll get no royalties), but they aren’t willing to provide the version your work is based on in a financially free and convenient packaging. Yes I realize that they give back to the open source community by (grudgingly) submitting code to real Wine and ReWind occasionally, but it seems that with this policy that they’d rather control open source development than stimulate it. It’s good capitalism, but not necessarily good Open Source.

    It depends on what you care about. I don’t particularly care what they do as I don’t use their product in the free or commercial form. If you use it and are happy with it, chances are you don’t care what they do with their CVS.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I thought I’d never say this:

    GO GENTOO!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Netcraft confirms, a recent URL posted on Slashdot has been ominously pointed to In a flash of lightning, a hex hath been brought upon the WineX source repository and nothing will compile. Could this be the end of WineX? Could WineX be killed before even the latest Alpha computer? Only Netcraft can tell!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Transgaming’s got nothing to worry about. The cvs build may be fine for some programs, but to get any of the games you want to run working, you need to purchase it. Having an ebuild for cvs is just a way of spreading winex to the masses. As for helping with development… that’s another story. I figure the more copies of cvs out there, the more likely someone is looking at it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    TG are a bunch of canadian cunts!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    if ‘all your linux dollars’ into being able to play windows game x/y/z is so kewl to you consider this:

    down a bit on the transgaming homepage they tell you about the deal with ASPYR which..only has ports to PC and MACOSX…WTH???

    and I wrote them and sure enough..PC !=linux

    so there you have winex and get nothing in return for it except buggy games when ALL ALONG ( and thx to them! we dont have ‘sacrifice’ either) we could have possibly had chance of getting TONS of companies porting to us natively..

    I guess linux fans the CHOICE IS UP TO YOU…


  12. dvNull Says:

    In essence what transgaming is telling us is : Code our product for free so we can sell it back to you!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are all so full of crap, all that bitching about not paying for winex is just what the opposition likes to hear; this is the kind of talk the M$ people love. TG is just a company trying to make a few bucks, trust me they are not getting rich with my 5 dollars a month. I dont think gentoo has the right to distribute there code if TG does not want them to. I really would like to know how many of the people posting these comments are “real” programmers, or just Linuxgamers with no knowledge of what goes into promgramming

  14. p0rkjello Says:

    1st: If you don’t want people to use your “public” CVS then don’t have a “public” CVS.

    2nd: Donate your $5.00 a month to

  15. Anonymous Says:

    If you don’t like Transgaming and their WineX please help improving normal Wine. Since some time a myth exists that WineX is better for gaming because it supports stuff like Direct3D and so on.

    Normal Wine contains this all too (d3d 1-7, d3d8 and a start of d3d9). Various d3d/d3d8 games (max payne, warcraft3 ..(although wc3 has a real opengl port)) work already some which don’t work on WineX. They can use all the help people can give to them.

    Ofcourse native games are better, wine still is emulation but Wine is “free” (LGPL). Don’t flame on TG and do something usefull! ;)

  16. SQLBoy Says:

    Transgaming is full of shit basically. They are pulling a SCO on us. I’ve supported them since 2.0, I think I’ll withdraw my support. Not because I’m a linux fan boy or anything, because a. its not their CVS server, and b. the cvs version can play barely any of the newer games compared to the commercial version because of the copy protection code.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    OK, I’m done with them. Revoking my membership as of now. You don’t act like this when you are living off of the generosity of linux users. These guys are now going to understand the economic dynamics of a large sucking sound. If I ain’t happy. Ain’t nobody happy, bitch.

  18. msimms Says:

    Who am I to argue {:-) Afterall, their product is detrimental to Linux as a whole, so hey, go go transgaming, lets see who else they can annoy {:-)
    OK so I am biased… but hey {:-)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    If the games play, who cares about what development environment they were made in. Being a compatibility layer, wine/winex/codeweavers/etc, people can still develop in the microsoft way, but hey guess what, it would work cross platform.
    Also, the $5/month TG receives, I don’t think would cover the bandwidth/site maintenance or the food cost a month. Not to mention wages. They are not out to be millionares. They are just trying to protect a valid product that could enable linux to become a desktop OS for good!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    What’s with the Gentoo dissing? Gentoo was originally complying with the WineX license when they offered the ebuild to it’s users. Then when Transgaming suggested that they remove the ebuild, Gentoo immediately complied again. Gentoo has done everything expected of them.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    [b]W[/b]hat [b]W[/b]ould [b]A[/b]lpha [b]T[/b]roll [b]S[/b]ay?

    ALPHA TROLL: Who was Transgaming again? Oh yea, the Microsoft employees subverting native Linux software by claiming it is better to build software with Win32 to run through Wine; rather than to make use of architecture and platform independent design through native POSIX-compliant applications that will run on many flavors of non-Unix environments (SCO negative averment FUD) . BURN TRANSGAMING!

  22. StinkingM Says:

    Ok great flame war on gentoo :/ , obviously from people that failed the install process. I use gentoo, i’m no linux genius and i fail to see where they get the notion that you have to be a linux guru to use Gentoo, ive used RH , SuSe, in a couple of carefully selected words “Gentoo rocks”. Theres a multitude of ditros out there and long may that continue, avoid that microsoft monopolisation senario. Each to their own, personally i wouldn’t waste my time being childlike and pety slagging off a linux distro.

    Ok transgaming time now, i have subscribed to them now for about 18 months, i done it because i wanted to play CS on linux therefore totally not needing to use windows, long story short ” it runs like **** “. I used to be an advocate of them, not any more, from my understanding they are using wine to base wineX off of, from what i’ve heard they done it on the agreement that they supplied coding back to wine, which again in my understanding they don’t appear to have done so. Anyway its crap, stick to wine it’s free. Also i am glad that winex has been removed from gentoo portage, save people subscribing to it and wasting money. Theres loads of native linux games out there, you can install binaries to run QIII, RTCW etc, games will come to linux if the linux community makes software companies aware that a/ games run fine on linux b/ we make them aware that we want them. Gone are the days off the ” if you use linux your a geek ” welcome to the days of ” if you use linux your seeking an alternative ” .

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