June 25th, 2003 by Alkini

Just a single new announcement this time around:

But a few more that I ran across at the Game Tome:

And the rest are new version announcements:

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  1. Dougst3r Says:

    This UFO2000 project looks pretty slick. I have never had the pleasure to try X-COM: UFO Defense, but from what I gather it is one hell of a great game. Its projects like this that make me scour Ebay for old copies of ancient games since I know I might be able to play them again someday. I would never have played Star Control 2, but with the Ur-Quan Masters project, I must say: Yessir, I like it! Same deal with UFO2000 – I think I need this one…

  2. Dougst3r Says:

    Here’s how you can run Fallout2 and a bunch of other wine-compatible games in fullscreen mode on a second x-server.

    First, make a special XF86Confg file in /etc/X11 which has only the 640×480 mode defined, probably at 16bpp too.

    Next, type this from a virtual console, or put it in a shell script file and run it from the console:

    cd ~/winedoze/Program\ Files/BlackIsle/Fallout2
    xinit /usr/bin/wine FALLOUT2.EXE — :1 vt8 -xf86config XF86Config-Fallout2

    You have to edit it to suit you, but it is a pretty nice way to run some of these games.
    I use this scheme to run Fallout, Fallout2, WarcraftII, and jjffe Elite3 Frontier First Encounters. The advantage is you run at 16bpp, and you never have your mouse / window slide away because you are running the x-server at the same max resolution as the game.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Under winex You not needs for strange X starting.
    Winex instead have an option –enable-sdldrv.
    Games runs in native fullscreen.

  4. zborgerd Says:

    Does anyone know if Chronic Logic has fixed the Pontifex II color depth bugs? I downloaded the demo on a few different occasions and couldn’t get it to run. Their explanation was that there was a bug the prevented it from running at some color depths. Is it corrected in this new version?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I visited and this is what I found:

    —- COPY —- PASTE —-

    We got hacked. It’s under control, but the cocksucker tagged us during the WWDC keynote, when I was otherwise occupied. We have cleaned up, except we need to replace some vandalized HTML from backup and upgrade some software before the webserver can go back up. Email and other services are working.

    For the record, it looks like he used a PHP exploit to execute a file which locally exploited the Linux 2.4.20 ptrace() hole. This means he had a root shell.

    What you can do:

    * CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. I don’t think they were compromised, but you never know. We have verified that the “ssh” and “passwd” binaries are not compromised, so log in and change it.
    * VERIFY YOUR SOURCE. If you have a cvs project, do a fresh checkout and diff it against your existing sources. I don’t think this is a problem, either, but safety first.
    * PAY IT FORWARD. If you can’t raise your kids to not be script kiddie fuckheads, consider birth control.

    Again, everything is back up but the web server, which will come back hopefully tonight.

    Stay tuned, True Believers.

    –The McManagement

    —- EOF —-

    How do you like that? Icculus’ webmaster says a cocksucker hacked their website. Might I ask, how would a stunning fellow like Icculus’ webmaster know that the hacker^H^H^H^H^H^HCRACKER was sucking a cock? My, my…my, my, my! What is this world coming to with male chickens and all?

    /Just my two non-caezar cents


    The Troll of Another World

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