NWN 1.30; Movie Format Update

June 24th, 2003 by Alkini

Version 1.30 of the Neverwinter Nights client (screenshots) has been released. This update includesthe changes listed in the patch details and weighs in around 40MB.

1.30 Update Download Locations:

Secondly, Michael Simms from Tux Games wrote in with this interesting bit about the in-game movies for NWN (which, as previously reported, weren’t going to beavailable to the Linux client):

Tux Games will ship NWN with mpegversions of all the cinematics, meaning you shouldnt need to bother withemulators to play them. Whilst they dont trigger directly from in thegame, we are including an additional program to make them run on requestdepending on your position in the game.

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10 Responses to “NWN 1.30; Movie Format Update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Does this mean I need to buy the game _again_ if I want the movies?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Does this mean that the patch includes the MPEG movies, or is that a TuxGames exclusive?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I rememeber in the case of rtcw, you guys sold an installer for a few bucks for guys who already had the windows cd’s. Is there any possibility of doing the same with neverwinter nights? I _really_ don’t want to buy the game again, just so I can watch the movies. I’d much rather give $10 or so bucks towards linux gaming and get a nice extra instead of just deciding I don’t want the movies.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    you know this just stinks..i pay good money for both NWN and SOU..only to find out that linux fands get the SHAFT and have to buy twice for the pleasure of a hack ( albeit a nice one it sounds like) of watching what we should have priviledge to watch having bought the game to begin with..

    gee thx bioware or whoever is responsible

    I suggest someone fix this if they want tokeep the few linux fans left they have


  5. Anonymous Says:

    ..what if bink some day is ported to linux, and bioware release a patch for the linux client to be able to play the movies in-game ? Okay, that probably won’t ever happen (specially since it’d probably mean that bioware would need to buy another expensive bink license, for linux use), but if it did anyway, wouldn’t this mean that the ones buying NWN from TuxGames would be unable to play those in-game ?

    Don’t get me wrong, i think it’s great that TuxGames provides the linux community with a way to play the movies natively without needing several gigabytes temporary space for manual converting.

    Oh well. If bink goes linux, bioware gets a license and creates a patch, and pigs fly, they’d probably see reason and make the patch support the mpeg movies as well.

    If the license permits.

    Right ?

    Aw, sorry guys, i don’t mean to troll. I’ll go hide now.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know that if I used the SoU CD to update my NWN Linux Client (SoU Linux Client is on the CD) do I need this 1.30 update? Cause as I see the verison with SoU on it it is 1.30.

  7. Dougst3r Says:

    Linux has always been kind of hurting as regards technical editors, modellers, drafting programs, etc. From my experience the Qt library seems to be most popular for these kind of things for some reason. Well at least we got Blender in the bag now. I don’t anticipate any decent 3D drafting packages released under the GPL for a long time, but I hope I’m wrong. Heck I’d be happy to get TurboCad working in Wine, that would be good enough for my purposes really. Man I’m way off topic — oops.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    any chance yet we get the installer and movie playback system ? might entice me to buy this game..


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Although i’m still awaiting my nwn box from tuxgames, i emailed bink just asking if they will ever support linux/unix platforms, and i got a reply today!!, i’m not sure how authoritative this reply is though:

    We are going to be releasing Bink for Linux in about 3 weeks.

    Mitch Soule
    RAD Game Tools
    Pixomatic now available!
    Bink – now for GameCube and Xbox
    Granny 2 – now with normal mapping
    425-893-4300 x 101 Fax: 425-893-9111

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Fadi Adlouni”
    Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 10:48 AM
    Subject: support for linux

    > Dear Sir/Madam.
    > I was wondering if bink will ever support linux or any unix platform?
    > Thanks for your help.
    > Regads

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone pretty familiar with bash should be able to do the same thing, the save files are obvious (Chapter One.sav, etc. or something like that) and make a little script that checks what the latest one is then run the desired movie (requiring the user of course to convert them themselfs) if anyone experianced wants to try, i’d be more than interested to see the script posted somewhere.

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