Savage Trailer; Preorders

June 23rd, 2003 by Alkini

Jon from S2 wrote in to let us know that they have released a gameplay trailer forSavage, their upcoming “Real-Time Strategy Shooter.” The trailer shows both the FPS and RTS aspects of Savage with a lot of in-game video over a menacing score.

Savage Trailer download mirrors:

Also, Tux Games has been taking pre-orders for Savage on their Website. The price is $47US. Before anybody gets cranky in teh comments, I’ll remind you that the deal was (and still may be) that if you pre-ordered directly from S2 that they’d let you in the beta test. So, it’s up to you how you’d prefer to pre-order the game.

Update: In the comments below, Jon from S2 (“slothy”) wrote this: If you pre-order from ANYWHERE for any amount down… just email or fax some proof of your pre-order to us… and we’ll get you in the beta..

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    if it looks this good in linux I think they’ll get a huge linux turnout..depends of course if it ‘says’ linux on the box or not…I mean this doesn’t hurt advertising ;))

    if linux ( seems from previous statements from Jon? if I recall right ) gets the editor too..I think they’ll see huge linux turnouts….

    so its up to you guys on what kind of turnout you see ;)!…


  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. RayNET11 Says:

    Looks cool, was my head stuck in the sand , this is the first that I have heard of this game..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I was at gamestop yesterday and they were taking pre-orders for savage. They had a box, and under sys requirements it had linux !!!

  5. alpenjon Says:

    Am I the only one having problems with viewing the trailer (it can’t decode at all)? I installed the codec from but it didn’t help.
    It is still very hard to resist pre-ordering this [b]precious[/b]… *arrrgh*

  6. slothy Says:

    If you pre-order from ANYWHERE for any amount down (at gamestop and eb stores you only have to put $5 down to pre-order), just email or fax some proof of your pre-order to us (S2, S3 made video cards, S2 makes games :) and we’ll get you in the beta.

    email address for pre-orders:
    fax: 707-792-6972

    Jon (Slothy)
    Programmer, S2 Games

  7. Anonymous Says:

    of a Linux/PPC version?

  8. trashcan Says:

    Thank you for the great game.This game looks so freaking awsome i’m thinking about singing up for the beta.I will wait though since I make it a policy to never do beta stuff.Does anyone know if you’ll be able to make your own maps and stuff? Also will there be a co-op play.

    Troy Blum

  9. Anonymous Says:

    After watching the videos I really want to preorder this one (well, actually convince a local linux game store to start accepting preorders for it first and then preorder with a couple of friends), but before that I’d like a couple of beta testers tell to me that this game rocks and is a ground-breaking combination of FPS and RTS. Can they do that? :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah. Listen. Im in that nda nda nda. Its very nda nda. I think a lot of the aspects of the game are very nda nda. But for sure, preorder this! get it! buy it! snarf it like high quality pepsi! It is glorious, even in its current state. I cant wait till its done. 8) Best damn game ive preordered/bought ever. Id say its about as good as RTCW, but in a more teambased rts perspective. I think its very cool how the rts/fps elements of the game blend together smoothly, no matter who you are. WOOHOO!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i had been eyeing the game for a while and it was not listed on so i ordered it from another online store.

  12. tyreth Says:

    This game looks pretty fun. I’ll definately be getting it sometime when it comes out, but not sure about the beta. Just bought SMAC and a few other things so should be watching my money a bit.

  13. redstar427 Says:

    I am very interested in this game, and would like to know if it works correctly between Linux and Windows players?

    I want to get 4 copies for 2 Linux players vs. 2 Windows players.

  14. smtanner Says:

    Ok, I just pre-ordered from EB Games to get in on the beta (clever marketing by the way). Let me say, this is a fun game. And even in beta it runs better than some official releases (Tribes 2 comes to mind). The concept kind of reminds me of the multiplayer mode of Battlezone II, only implemented much better. Hope this game has lots of success.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    How well does it work on my machine?
    It is an 900mhz athlon, ati 9500 card, 512 mb ram. Is the game playable with this configuration?
    Also – do you have to pay per month, or is it a one fee?

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