New Kyro Drivers

June 14th, 2003 by Alkini

-zborgerd- wrote in a while back to point out that there are new Kyro drivers available.He also points out rumors that since the new drivers are reportedly using the same codebase nowthat PowerVR may be getting ready for new products in the near-ish future.

PVR message board thread relating to the new release

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  1. zborgerd Says:

    The most interesting thing about these drivers is that they seem to have improved T&L support. Some may know that they Kyro’s greatest criticsm was that it didn’t support hardware T&L. However, it would appear that these drivers have a software emulated “EnT&L” unit that seems to work with games like America’s Army without too great of a performance decrease.

    Performance in other games seems to have improved also. Enemy Territory seems to run quite nicely, at very smooth framerates. I have taken a screenshot with some suggested settings, but I normally run it in 1024×768 full screen and just lowered things for the sake of the screenshot. These settings may help users of other cards that keep experiencing frequent crashes.

    I’m working on some solutions for proper settings for ThinkTanks and Orbz2. ThinkTanks is running very well on my machine, but I’ve not had the time to narrow down what causes it to crash with the default registry key. I intend to check it out this week, but I can verify that Torque games seem to run just fine with a slight tweak, that doesn’t cause any really noticable visual problems.

    There seems to be a slight bug in the drivers (as far as I can tell) that effects Kyro users that have their AGP aperture cache set higher than 64MB or 128MB. I experienced these problems, as did another Kyro Linux user, but I’ve not figured out if it is restricted to VIA board users. Dropping your AGP aperture will help the problem. I had mine set to 256 MB previously (because I have a gig of RAM), but dropping it doesn’t really seem to hurt performance as most games don’t truly utilize AGP.

    XV overlay performance is exceptionally good. Most movies play through MPlayer with less than 3% CPU load on my Athlon 1400, as the Kyro is doing the accelleration.

    Just figured I’d give everyone a heads up… All 3 of us Kyro Linux users. Haha. That’s about all that I can think of. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If NEC wanted, they could easily get the support of the linux community and build a strong niche here which could propel their sales. All they would need to do is to:

    – Provide open source drivers, esp for GL. This would result in their drivers getting ported to non x86, non windows/unix platforms.
    – Provide some assistance in making their card THE card of choice for xfree and directfb.

    Of course this assumes they still make good hardware and have 2d quality comparable to ATI and competitve prices for hardware that can play today’s games.

    The windows platform is locked up by nvidia and ati, no doubt about it. The kyro folks are looking at an uphill battle they probably won’t win.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I’d be interested in a Kyro, but open drivers are too much of a priority for me.

    As it stands, a Kyro offers no advantage over either an Nvidia (lower performance, all other things being more or less equal), or an ATI R2X0 (closed drivers)

  4. Apopatos Says:

    I run Xine and I got

    video_out_xv: Xv extension is present but I couldn’t find a usable yuv12 port.
    Looks like your graphics hardware driver doesn’t support Xv?!

    main: probing video output plugin

    What’s the problem? I use the 516 drivers in a SuSE8.2 machine with custom kernel…

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