LGP Announces Three New Titles

June 5th, 2003 by Alkini

Linux Game Publishing sent in this announcement:

LGP is today announcing three new titles! Get ready for retro arcade action with Hyperspace Delivery Boy, play a great new version of the classic with NingPo MahJong, and challenge the toughest snowboarding slopes in the world with Soul Ride.

Each of these titles is now complete and we are acceping beta tester applications at our beta testers website.

As previously reported, the Soul Ride engine was GPL’d but the game data remained a commercial item, so I’m assuming that this announcement from LGP means that they’re doing an “official” port that will be boxed and sold with the original game data. Update: LGP’s Mike Phillips has confirmed that he will, in fact, be feeding all of the Soul Ride code back to the CVS repository at SourceForge and the main goal of this project is to clean it up for a Linux-specific release.

We also previously reported that Eon Games (developers of Candy Cruncher and Hyperspace Delivery Boy) was looking for beta testers for HDB, but I’m not sure what the result of that was. Update: Again, LGP’s Mike Phillips clarified that the goal of both the HDB and NingPo MahJong projects is to polish them a bit more and stick them in nice Linux-specific packages.

9 Responses to “LGP Announces Three New Titles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Keep the games coming, I’ll keep buying!

  2. phantomlord Says:

    I was part of the HDB beta and it was in pretty good shape as of the last version that was released to us. There was only one known bug left and that was forwarded to the original developer (it was something non-critical, just an annoyance)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The shit has hit the fan. The last nail to seal Linux Game Publishing’s coffin has been struck. As confirmed by, the already dwindling gaming attractions have been announced. Some say LGP will become a mere niche hobby of the developers, all of whom have full-time jobs delivering Pizza. If anyone else hasn’t heard the news, let it be known by such re-occurences as Mahjong: Linux Game Publishing is dying![p]

    -Zilog Z80 Troll

  4. Anonymous Says:

    developers of Candy Cruncher and Hyperspace Delivery Boy
    I would have said pyrogon for candy crusher and romero’s new thing for hdb. Is it me, or is someone else mistaking publisher and developper?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sorry, but these games sound terrible. Unless they come up with some better titles, I’m afraid LGP is going to go the way of Loki.

  6. MyAss Says:

    I promised my wife I would only buy one game a month because we are trying to save money….
    What should I buy for June? (I’m thinking Majesty)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I was in the first beta, does that mean they’re going to start back up the beta?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What about Total Annihilation ?
    I am interested by Hyperspace, I hope it wont deceive me.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Someone has got to ask for them ;)

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