Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Public Beta 6

May 26th, 2003 by Marv

A confusing release of the Neverwinter Nights Linux Client has been announced. They state that server browsing/chat are currently disabled in this release but this contradicts the changelog(posted below) they have posted.

* Internet server browsing and chat(?)
* fixes the problem of shadows and floor triggers not being visible with some graphics cards
* packaged with a recommended SDL library, loading of the library is controlled through the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable in the nwn script
* improved handling of international characters
* displays Custom creatures and items in DM Creator
* Gamma slider sets the gamma
* workaround for OpenGL startup issue
* backspace and delete work in numeric text fields
* module transitions will work regardless of filename case
* fixes a parsing problem with some community models
* properly center mouse cursor in inventory
* improved error handling
* improved fixinstall
* fixes an OpenGL bug
* fixes a crash when putting gold in a container
* fixes middle mouse button camera control

6 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Public Beta 6”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can confirm that server browsing at least works. I haven’t tried chat yet, but I believe that message about server browsing and chat being disabled is an old message and just hasn’t been removed yet.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Internet server browsing and chat was the only thing they fixed in this version. The rest of the changelog is listed under ‘previous improvements’.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    [i]* workaround for OpenGL startup issue
    * fixes an OpenGL bug[/i]

    They make it look like OpenGL is the problem, when the fact stands as Never Winter Nights being the application with the bugs. OpenGL is not to blame.

  4. phantomlord Says:

    While the announcement is from May 23, the timestamp of the file on the server is dated 05-May-2003 18:34. Wonder why they waited so long to release it if they didn’t change anything in that time. Guess I should watch the server more often than wait for the announcement

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone tried this yet using the open source DRI with an 8500? I tried running with the binary drivers but none of them were playable, the last driver set locked up immediately.
    I got sick of it and stuck a gf3 ti 200 back in the machine. Runs way faster and is bug free.

  6. stodge Says:

    Does the Linux installer actually work? I don’t fancy trying to install NWN under Wine just to get it working under Linux.


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