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April 23rd, 2003 by Alkini

TuxGames‘ Michael Simms wrote in with this nugget ofinformation regarding Tux Games’ sales figures:

One of the most requested bits of information from Tux Games is ‘Whichgames have sold the most’. To answer that question for everyone we havenow added a box on our front page which shows the top 10 most populargames of all time, and it links to a page showing the complete chart ofall sales since the day we opened.

The “complete chart” that Michael speaks of is the Overall Top Sellers.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Think of it this way. Majesty Gold has already outsold Q3A on their site. I guess that has its benefits.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Judging by the ordering of items on the list, I think it’s time once again for “good idea, bad idea”.

    Good idea: Claiming that the packaging is being drawn by hand in order to shut up the weiners that whine and whine about how late SMAC is.

    Bad idea: Buying 25,000 tin boxes for use as packaging for the Linux version of Quake 3 Arena, selling a few of them, and then not paying your employees for two months in order to pay for storage of the tins in a warehouse in Mexico.

    Someone somewhere probably has a house built out of those Q3A tins. I wonder if TuxGames just picked up a load of them from a liquidator?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Come on people, how do you expect Linux users to justify $45 for Quake 3 when they can just buy a Windows version for $19 WITH Team Arena and download the Linux binaries. THIS is one of the main reasons Linux versions dont sell.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    personally, I’m surprised they haven’t sold more TuxGames Baseball Caps. At least they outsold Wurstelstand, and I guess that’s all that counts.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I am very surprised that Majesty – Gold Edition did not outsold at least Soldier of Fortunes : I thought it was THE best seller of the year, but that was peace of crap….

    I would suggest you to cut the price of Soldier of Fortunes, Quake 3 and may be Theocracy : that too expensive man, how can you justify to sell a Game like Soldier of Fortunes 46$ when it is 3 years old ? It is a good game though, I have it, on Linux indeed, and I bought it from Tuxgames 1 year ago, but please cut the price off dammit !

    Reasonnable prices would be :
    Soldier of Fortunes : 30 $
    Quake 3 : 30 $
    Theocracy : 25 $

    Also it would be a great Idea to sell Majesty for 30$ as well and not 37 $ : I am sure you can do that.

    Now for everyone : Stop trolling and go buy Runes : it is a great game, I have the demo and it is fun, I want to see Runes on the Top 10. Please Mr Simms replenish your Stock of Runes, if you can sell it for 25$, it is the Best Linux game than ever, every Linux user should buy it, so please help them…

  6. StarTux Says:

    That showed up pretty high, I take it a little more than 200 were sold?

    I know we’re never gonna see real sales figures, but I am sure some would love to know.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    That the top two selling games have run out of stock. You would think that there would be something Tuxgames or LGP could do about this.

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