Pyrogon Releases NingPo

April 18th, 2003 by Judecca

Pyrogon has released their second Linux puzzle title, NingPo Mah Jong. You can grab a demo, or purchase the full version from the links below.

NingPo Mah Jong provides outstanding art work, great music, and awesome game play while still retaining the elements that make this game so great – simplicity and fun!

Demo Instructions:

6 Responses to “Pyrogon Releases NingPo”

  1. Shark Says:

    So, I wonder how long it will be until LGP has this thing available on CD in a nice DVD-case :-)

  2. simcon Says:

    $14.95 which is about £10, bargain :) Music is very pleasant and the graphics are pretty.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why would I pay $15 for a mahjong game?

  4. zborgerd Says:

    Music… Too… Soothing… Must… Stay… Awake…

    Fun stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it, because I’ve never been into Mah Jong.

    However, it’s the first Mah Jong game that I’ve actually enjoyed playing. So that’s sayibng something. Maybe I’ll pick it up after all.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Those kind of game need to be GPLed, otherwise don’t worth playing. There already a good crop of Mahjong games on Linux, no market for commercial games here, just look at the poor sales from Loki’s Eric Ultimate Solitaire: how doing otherwise when Pysol is free and much better? Even commercial graphical engine are starting to lag behind free engine (or at least, to lose their advance). Crystal, Cube, Racer are the future of gaming, not wineX and certainely not Linux gaming Tome.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I just downloaded the demo for my wife, even though its just another mahjong, its still kinda cool,
    I mean UT2003 is just another First person shoot’em up its it?
    After playing it for about 5 seconds and finding it frustrating, I tried Candy Cruncher, and got completely addicted to it, yes Its a simple game, but very addictive, so we ended up buying both, for a for a grand total of £21, I got 2 games, that so far have more playing time topped up than UT2003, at not even half the cost of UT2003.
    I mean whats £10? these days not a lot, most people spend that without thinking about it.

    Thats my slice of the pie anyway :)

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