Neverwinter Nights Beta 3

March 28th, 2003 by theoddone33

Sure enough, shortly after our last update, Derek French of Bioware posted a message indicating that NWN Beta 3 is now available.

1.29.6758 Beta 3 – Release Notes:

  • fixes an OpenGL bug
  • fixes a crash when putting gold in a container
  • fixes middle mouse button camera control

You can download the beta at the NWN Linux Client page.

7 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights Beta 3”

  1. tyreth Says:

    I just reported two of those three bugs a few hours ago, guess I was a bit too slow :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This beta fixed the crash problems I was having. I can now use it with the older NVidia drivers that actually work on my machine.

  3. simcon Says:

    I installed this beta and now the mouse movement scales up with the resolution (which is nice). Previously running in 1152×864 my mouse needed half an acre to move around the screen. So it was a worthwhile download :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The ATI fixes seem to be implemented as well. I still need the LD_PRELOAD to get past the “black-bong-desktop” thing, but the xdelta isn’t necessary.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    According to the driver download page on, they are not supporting 9×00 in Linux anymore.
    A pitty, because it seems more and more people are switching to linux and 9×00.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    but are any of you radeon owners running quake3 with the ati 2.5.1 drivers?
    On my (debian) system, the textures are invisible.

  7. Anonymous Says:


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