March 26th, 2003 by Alkini

Yikes, quite the list of new releases this time:

And some random new bits:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Games/things that haven’t been mentioned on Linuxgames before should probably get their own announcement. A few of these were really new to me and I hadn’t seen them on Linux before…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [b]Arkhart 0.1.3[/b] – A roleplaying game in 3D, still under heavy developpement but there is now something to show – a demo quest, translated in english and french :)
    Url :
    Screenshots :
    Artwork :
    Download :

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the URL for ensemblist given in the news in not up to date. I added a redirection, but the true one is now at savannah :

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if if was already reported in a previous news, but Slune 0.3.1 is out :

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Run some servers on for the love of peat':
    Quake3, Tenebrae, Dark Places, Myth2



  6. Anonymous Says:

    Egoboo – I remember playing that game a few years ago, it was very fun, but it was short and clearly in beta. I can’t wait for the next version. :) Multiplayer will rock too!

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