Neverwinter Nights: Linux Client Update

March 17th, 2003 by Marv

Some answers to some questions that were posted on the Neverwinter Nights Forum have been answered for the community on the Neverwinter Night: Linux Client page. Nothing new just interesting to hear their side of the story.

1. Were you expecting the current level of frustration from the Linux crowd? And do you find it tiresome?

We are seeking to deliver a product to the Linux crowd that meets their expectations. Unfortunately, this process has taken longer than originally anticipated but will ultimately meet performance expectations. I don’t find the interest of our fans to be tiresome in any way! To me, its more of an indication of just how passionate our Linux fans are. They keep us honest.

2. As soon as you get the go ahead, how before the client will hit the download page?

4.3 milliseconds. =] We have everything packaged up and ready to go, and are just waiting on the trigger to be pulled. Again, we cannot give you an estimate, as this is a Go, No-Go situation. Yes, we are very aware of the waning days of Winter 2002 that are remaining. We are counting the seconds ourselves.

3. Looking back, if you had the chance at doing NWN from scratch, would you do anything differently?

From Trent Oster, Producer, NWN – I would focus the core concept further and deliver a tighter implementation of the game. I would improve the storyline in the official campaign by focusing the same resources on a smaller scope. Essentially making less, but ensuring consistent high quality and immersiveness.

8 Responses to “Neverwinter Nights: Linux Client Update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Linux Crowd”

    How condescending.

  2. bdove Says:

    “as this is a Go, No-Go situation” .. meaning what.. if m$ buys the company..its no.. if not .. its go?

  3. Logy Says:


    There is no Linux client! It is all a charade! A charade of DECEPTION!!

    BioWare wants to steal our money to buy bigger forks with which to EAT OUR CHILDREN!!!

    They fooled us once with their fork-tongued promises, but NO LONGER, for I shall wave the banner of SELF-RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION at every available opportunity!!!

    [/Academy Awards ceremony clip]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bush was just on television, telling us that Bioware has 48 hours to release the NWN Linux client… if they don’t, we’re invading Iraq. War is the answer!

  5. chakie Says:

    Why keep on giving BioWare free advertising on this site? Let’s talk about NWN when we can actually see and play it, no sooner. No other game has got this much space here, and no other game is as much vapour. Sure, they say thay are “ready to pull the trigger”, but that’s still only a rumour.

  6. simcon Says:

    [q][i]All we can estimate is that we expect the Linux Client to be available for download in Winter 2002 (December 21, 2002 – March 19, 2003).[/i][/q]
    Get ready people, it’s tomorrow :D

  7. ThoreauHD Says:

    Bioware released the linux binary today!

    OK, bad joke.

    /me picks his nose…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    At the time of this post, George W. Bush has given Bioware only 3 remaining hours until troops will raid their canadian bunkers and extricate the linux client that the inspectors have failed to locate.

    This is your final warning, bioware.

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