Serious Sam Updates

March 16th, 2003 by theoddone33

A news item was posted on earlier this week indicating that there have been some updates to the public beta of Serious Sam. Most notably, there is now a beta for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

The First Encounter is up to beta 3. This fixes a vorbis issue,makes homedir access compatible with The Second Encounter, and removesall beta expirations, since I don’t plan to have a new beta in the nextmonth. You can get this patch through Loki Update.

The Second Encounter for GNU/Linux is now available, too, as a first beta. Grab it here.

I’ve played through the first third of the game, and there’s twonasty bugs (one is in the First Encounter, too), but most can be workedaround with the “please fly” console command.

You’ll need a retail Second Encounter disc to install thegame, but you don’t need Windows; the installer you download will(hopefully) know what to do with the disc.

Both games should be considered buggy and incomplete at this time. Bugs reports go in the bugtracker, but don’t expect a response or fix in a timely matter, if at all. Please don’t send bug reports to me directly.

A mailing list for discussion (NOT bug reports!) is available. Send a blank email to to get on the list.

5 Responses to “Serious Sam Updates”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This news story will get fewer posts than ones that include issues folks like to argue (flame/troll) over.

    Time to go and get TSE!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I was just getting into the game, and my beta expired.

  3. simcon Says:

    Well I’ve played through the first one and the only problem I had was where Sam occasionally drops on his side into the floor, but reloading the last save solved this. I thoroughy enjoyed it; a great game for Linux. I’ve got the second one installed now and will blast through it over the next few weeks. Brilliant :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Why Tuxgames want to sell Medal of Honor when no Information is available for it and not Serious Sam when the Final Linux Client is about to be released ? Do I have missed something ?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I installed TSE from the Serious Sam Gold Edition and it works fine. But after I finished the first level I didn’t see any statistics of how many monsters I had killed and so on. Not that it’s such a big deal, but it’s a bit annoying. Does anyone else have this problem, or know how to solve it?

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