FreeCraft 1.18

March 12th, 2003 by theoddone33

A new version of the RTS engine FreeCraft (Screenshots) has just been released.


  • Save and Load (Single Player)
  • Shared Vision and Diplomacy
  • Replays
  • Auto Spell Cast
  • Much Improved Multiplayer Support
  • FcMP and WC2 can be played against each other
  • Many bug fixes

FreeCraft downloads.

2 Responses to “FreeCraft 1.18”

  1. zorax Says:

    This project is REALLY good!

  2. Dougst3r Says:

    I tried the last release and it seemed excellent except that you couldn’t save your game. I have the Warcraft II game, so I can import all the graphics and missions. Last time I tried it it worked pretty well. Definately need to dl it and give it another go.

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