WineX 3.0 Pre-Release

March 12th, 2003 by theoddone33

Good news for the WineX fans. TransGaming has updated their site with this note:

TransGaming’s WineX 3.0 Preview Release 1 is available immediately and exclusively to TransGamers to download and install today. Some of the many new features include: preliminary support for games such as SimCity 4, BattleField 1942, Dungeon Siege, and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. WineX 3.0 includes vastly improved DirectX 8 compatibility, and now has hardware vertex shader support for some of today’s hottest titles.

It may be important to note that a native MOH:AA client is in the works if you prefer that.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    *Puts in fire suit*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There goes even the *chance* of icculus porting MOHAA

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t Transgaming say they would ignore games that would/could be getting a Linux port?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    If there is not a game under linux that I want. I will play the PS2, but I really have not had to play the console that much. I will get MOH when the linux client is available. I have no problem getting my game on under linux.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’d have to say that I’d rather have WineX than no Warcraft3. Warcraft3 is all that I ever really play, if there were even the chance of a native port I’d ignore it in winex. But there’s no way blizzard is going to be porting to Linux. WineX runs it very very well anyways, so as long as that remains the case I’m good to go with it. Even if game companies start consciously making games “Winex” compatible, and work with transgaming and test it, that’s fine with me too, since WineX is then acting just as an abstraction layer like SDL, cept it’s just a bit bigger. Performance in War3 is good enough for me to not really care at the moment.

  6. notten Says:

    winex is fine for me. I don’t play too many games but the ones I want I have running great. StarCraft isn’t all too bad and I play it once in a blue moon. Diablo II is there just for fun. I have Grand Theft Auto III running great and it’s funny to see my friends say: I didn’t know they made a linux version!!!! CounterStrike is fun too. But I do have to say that the games I play the most are true linux ports. Quake 3: Urban Terror is a game I truly enjoy playing every single damned day I’m near my computer. Since WineX is a very good API port of windows a good solution for them would be to create a sort of winexlib and port the source of the games a against those libraries. I don’t think it would make much of a difference to me. Also if big game makers would take an interest in doing that with all their titles (and it shouldn’t be too hard, especially for the OpenGL titles) then we would at least have a nice start. Theoretically if EA used a winexlib to port games to linux it would boost gaming alot. I’d deffinately buy a game like that. Then I wouldn’t mind installing it on my linux box and then letting a friend borrow the same CD to play it if he really likes the game and he doesn’t run linux because he’s one of the mindless drones of a capitalistic society that prays upon walruses to spread their crappy products for capital. I’m too drunk to write anymore… Good night.

  7. Cerb Says:

    wake me up when I can play IL-2 Sturmovik without booting to windows….

  8. sgaap Says:

    Mohaa is opengl, it runs fine with wine and thus with winex, not something special (or they have fixed the 1.11 crashes with certain levels, which probably will not be so)

    I still have the feeling that winex promises a lot (on short term) but still fails to deliver and will keep native ports away from linux

    The only d3d games I managed to play were max payne and gta3 (very slow and unstable), so not much reason to pay for a product that only delivers higher version numbers and no real stable support

  9. bdove Says:

    As it comes out again in this thread, that in order to us to convince developer companys that there is market for linux games, we need to show some figures of our numbers. Registering games that are run under wine(x) as “linux” games to the company as suggested below is one way.
    I have allready suggested to staff that it would be nice to have counter and unofficial registering of games people play in linux wine(x) and/or natively ( support natives! =P ).

    Maybe this is nice time to hear what you ppl think about such thing.

    Basicly my idea is to have same kind of counter as linuxcounter is in
    It would not give real and really realible picture but would give some idea how much of us really is. That has been the main question in here quite a long time.
    While person could register, enter the games from the pool, klick on native/wine(x) and number of copys,hosting server or not, it would be convenient to make such registration alongside
    of making the actual registration to the game company.
    After a while we would not be quessing and asking sales figures (we hardly ever get + what about the downloadable binaries ie. quake?) while we wonder who much there is of us.

    What do you think?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I for one would never pay for winex. I would not want to be called a “transgamer”. :)

    Beside, I use winex ONLY for OLD games. Winex for backward compatibility would be awesome, but right now, transgaming are ignoring old games and keep on screwing native ports.

    Moral? I think that using winex to enjoy your old windows games is good cuz you already paid for them long ago and its just fair to still be able to use them. Just don’t buy recent windows games.

  11. Dweebs Says:

    WineX plays SOF2 very well. I play it daily. Also, the guys are doing something right because my fps on SoF2 is 20-30 fps higher with WineX than with Wine and the same config file. I dont know why this is so but its true. I agree with whomever said it that I would rather have WineX and play games a little less efeeciently than on Windows than to have no way to play it at all. Which seems to be the choice of the game developers considering the poor linux buyrate that has been shown in the past.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    There’s only one question I care about with regards to WineX 3.0: “Does Civilization III finally play smoothly and quickly?”

    It’s the only game I have interest in playing anymore, but I don’t play it because I got rid of my Windows partition years ago.

    (Maybe not being able to play Civ is a good thing. :)

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Winx is not a bad thing considering that game companies expecially now due to economic situations will not bother spending extra time and effort towards linux ports. This situation will be the same for a while unless there is a mass conversion to linux which won’t happen, and even if it did then guess what linux will be the “popular OS” then we uber geeks will have to migrate to another obscure OS (QMX). Not to mention the game industry is doing every thing on consoles now, There starting to think that even a Windows PC with thier OS bugs and always updating drivers seem too troublesome for the adverage joe gamer. Now if you add linux to the mess we have a dozen different ditrubuitions, compiling, substandard 3D rendering and a mess of other hurdles. Sorry for rambling, hope some of you get my point and for the people that just like a flamewar, Flame On

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Could anybody with a Kyro-based card place the output of glxinfo somewhere? I would like to see what extensions are supported in the Linux driver. Thanks.

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