LxDoom Updates

June 27th, 1999 by Crusader

Colin Phipps has updated the LxDoom progress page with a list of features that will be available in version 1.3.8 of his Linux BOOM port:

  • Config files, save games etc all stored in ~/.lxdoom, instead ofneeding you to make a dir for LxDoom stuff yourself. LxDoom is slowlybeing more “UNIXified”. Thanks to Vicente Aguilar for that patch.
  • Fixed the glitches at the start of sounds playing. Thanks to Steve VanDevender for pointing out thesilly error.
  • Removed the old framerate dots, since judging the framerate from them wasawkward at best. Instead there is a new cheat code, IDRATE, which togglesa display of rendering stats including frame rate, visplanes in view, andsuch.
  • Made the numeric keypad separately usable from the keys they duplicate,configurable on the in-game key setup screen, hopefully. Someone sentpatch in to me, can’t find the email right now though. Another thing to do:-).
  • Minor portability improvements.

You can download version 1.3.7 from

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