Microsoft to Buy BioWare

March 7th, 2003 by jvm

Computer and Video Games is reporting that Microsoft is already in the process of buying BioWare, creators of NeverWinter Nights. As regular readers are no doubt aware, NWN was planned to be a cross-platform game with Windows, MacOS, and Linux clients. However, the initial release was cut back to Windows-only for the summer 2002 launch and the Linux client is still rumored to be pre-beta. Of course, it is unclear at this time what will happen to the Linux client, both continuing development and support, if this report proves to be true.

Update: A post on the Bioware forums indicates that this rumor is false. See the comments for the URL.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    since ms declared linux a threat, i’ll bet no more linux from a ms company. they’ve strong armed too many other away from linux, so if i have a knife, i’ll cleave whatever ms i can as it is not a good product. no bluescreens on my pc…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Likelihood is, MS won’t touch the Linux client. It’s one thing to say “don’t make Linux clients”, it’s quite another to walk in and say “stop that now after your weeks of hard work”. MS usually doesn’t interfere with their gaming developers much.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    It hasn’t gone well for Microsoft, Xbox has cost a lot of money and buying BioWare won’t be cheap… so this can be the start of the downfall of Microsoft, and those who got options, if they want to change those to real money, then microsoft will just be a bad dream.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    US citizens really should take to the streets and insist compition laws are enforced.
    Though, isn’t bioware canadian?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This could be the real reason why we’ve not seen the Linux port yet.

    I have my doubts that it will ever show up, actually.

  6. Anonymous Says:

  7. StarTux Says:

    Gonna send them a rather informative e-mail later…They could and maybe should get sued over crap like this and for driving Alpha Troll into hiding :(.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Make me a bird, so I can fly faaahh- faah faah away fwom heya. ”

    Heard from somewhere around their MCSE’s donut trolley:

    “It’s taken me 2 years of telling people we’ve been making a linux client for these IP Nazi’s to notice us! What the hell are we doing wrong? >”

    Maybe pretending to release a linux client was something to get MS’s attention for a buyout. We are a cancer you know. Sorta like building things are a natural disaster. But probably moreso like SCO pretending to invent Unix and call all of it’s linux developers morons. But, that’s another jagoff story.

    From the bottom of my heart, BOware- You cheese dicks can all rot in hell :) Bitches. Teehee.

  9. Anonymous Says:

  10. Anonymous Says:

    all you all stop trolling here and go buy Rune damnit.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t this the third or fourth time someone’s said that MS is buying out BW in an article or column? Probably everyone remembers those earlier articles, probably including some people at MS who wouldn’t know what the company is doing.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Icculus, if you could, please please please put up a patch that allows for another month of play. Except for the two known defects, it worked perfectly for me… |-}}}

  13. htaccess Says:

    hi im posting this here cause I posted it to the submit news address and got no response:

    Theres a new Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter based on the gpl quake 2 engine, which is (not surprisingly gpl aswell) the whole game itself is gpl including the models, only the massively multiplayer bit is proprietary, and this one will only be $5/month.

    On the subject of stuff that should be posted here but isnt, the recent announcements about sony/ibm/ and using grid tech for hosting mmogs should be posted aswell, this is relevent to linux gaming becaused the grid model as well as allowing server power to be scaled much better than with single servers, it also should alow clients on different platforms to seamlessly connect, ie linux clients have a much better chance of playing on this network than for instance the xbox live network. It also looks like it will be easier for samller developers to make use of this grid technology because they just build it in, and buy a small amount of capacity on the global grid for their game, and then once the game becomes more popular they can easily scale up their capacity, i can see more games like the atitd (recently featured) and the game above using this network.

    For many articles on the grid gaming check out:

    oh and how does one apply to be able to post stories?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting that the comments were edited after the thread was locked…

    Read this:

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