OpenGL Shading Language v1.05

February 27th, 2003 by Alkini

The OpenGL team wrote in with this announcement:

The GL2 Workgroup has approved the draft version (865KB pdf) of the OpenGL Shading Language (glslang).

The recent trend in graphics hardware has been to replace fixed functionality with programmability in areas that have grown exceedingly complex (e.g., vertex processing and fragment processing). The OpenGL Shading Language has been designed to allow application programmers to express the processing that occurs at those programmable points of the OpenGL pipeline. Independently compilable units that are written in this language are called shaders. A program is a set of shaders that are compiled and linked together.

This current (nearly complete) draft of glslang is being released for comment. Discussions are welcome at the forum Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL.

4 Responses to “OpenGL Shading Language v1.05”

  1. simcon Says:

    ‘shaders’ – i can’t see why they called “independently compilable units” that but nevermind. one day i’ll understand opengl and i’ll write pong2010-with-shaders(tm).

    p.s. or maybe tetris.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This is great, hope it comes to fruition.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    don’t forget spiderman slim shaders

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What is there now that supports OGL2? I am really looking forward to it and I read some place that Doom3 will take advantage of it, but:
    1) is/will there be a good Linux OGL2 support? (I figure it has to, but i haven’t read it anywhere)
    2) Is there a card now that supports OGL2? If so, are there any OGL2 demos or drivers around? if not, is there plans for public drivers this year from anyone? perhaps the GF FX supports OGL2?

    I understand it is rather new, but DX8.0 to DX9.0 have come out before OGL2, I guess OGL2 will just be sooo much better thats it takes longer to impliment. I am just waiting for a video card upgrade so I can get one with OGL2 support in the sub $150 range.

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