NeverWinter Nights Linux Client Update

February 26th, 2003 by Marv

An update has occured to the NeverWinter Nights Linux Client with the following interesting information.

We are about ready to go for the Linux Client Public Beta, but we are waiting on some standard commercial issues to be completed. This is a normal, expected step in publicly releasing material. This does not add any new obstacles or complications to the mix. It’s about as ready to go as can be from our end and after these commercial issues are finished up we will get it out to you. Sorry, but we cannot give you an exact time estimate right now.

[Preorder NWN @ TuxGames]

20 Responses to “NeverWinter Nights Linux Client Update”

  1. zorax Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ridiculous nearly, i think that I’ll believe them when i see it.

  3. bobcat Says:

    This is OUTSTANDING news. I can hardly contain myself!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hey, all you whiners, complaining about how long we have to wait: why didn’t you switch to Mac OS X? Oh wait, because they’re in a worse position than we are.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s quit whining and [b]support[/b] Bioware!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Lets start whining again, it was hilarious!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    5 months ago, even 2 months ago, I would’ve bought NWN the day it comes out for Linux.
    Now A Tale In The Desert is out. I don’t have time for both. Sorry, Bioware. second winner == first loser.

  8. bdove Says:

    One question about the public beta tho…

    While I did not by the m$ version, I do not have any product ID that I think I will need inorder to test the beta.. how the he** I’m suppose to test it =(
    Maybe I just need to wait the few months more to it to be released and mailman to bring my copy from tuxgames?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I have and played the Windows version. Really, guys. I urge you to curb your excitement a bit until you play the nasty thing. Aah, the joys of 5 minutes long noninteractive combat…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Just play it thru wine. works for me!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    This isn’t a beta test, as far as I know. this is a beta release, meaning that they aren’t finished working on it, and they are really only doing it to shut up all the naysayers. This isn’t supposed to be a matter of “go download the game and play it for free.”

  12. Anonymous Says:

    [q][i]people are yet again taking their word as golden[/i][/q]
    golden what? handshake or shower? you decide, the choice is yours, but choose only one.

  13. Anonymous Says:, mostly because he has a nice IP, but really because he speaks the truth.

    If I was as gullible and masochistic as some of you nice folks, I’d still be using Microsoft Winblowz. The Bioware coder has my sympathy, but frog-based Infogrames and the Management at Bioware can SUCK MY BUTTERY CORNHOLE AND BURN IN HELL! Ahem.. sorry about that. But, you get the picture.

    I would rather code my own game of MUD pong in C than give these lying bitches my money.

    I’ve already bought Doom3, because Carmack isn’t a lying bitch. He has always been even-handed on linux porting. I really appreciate that, and so now he has a forward payment on another Ferrari. Good for him.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The more I read comments on NWN posts, the more I think Linux gamers will kill Linux gaming.

    Linux users don’t deserve games. You guys prove that every day on these forums. Just remember when no gaming company will touch Linux that it could have turned out differently if you hadn’t been such jerks.

    Of course there are good folks here. It sucks for them that everyone else is ruining it.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    No wonder linux get crap for games. Every company that tries gets nothing but crap from the community. ID Software has EXPERIENCE with linux games, so they get theirs out relatively on time. Bioware had no such experience. Give them a break, geez.

    If you people weren’t so cynical linux might have more games and you all might have happier lives.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Gamers in general are an impatient lot. If you were on the NWN boards prior to it’s Windows release you know that everytime it was pushed back (even though no official date was given for release) people were bitching and moaning. The Star Wars Galaxies boards are the same way. Anytime you get a group of people slavering in anticipation of a product, delaying that product will have them pissing and moaning over it.

    The only real difference I can see between Linux gamers and Windows gamers is that Windows gamers are very fickle about their games. NWN was out for only a few months before the herd started shifting towards something else. Linux gamers are more loyal to the games they play (there are still many Myth II games played on Linux boxen everyday) because there isn’t a game coming out every other week for them to latch onto. Mac gamers are more or less the same way.

    Let up on Bioware. They went into the Linux client idea cold, with no experience. They could have fucked us and stopped working on it a long time ago (and with all the bellyaching that goes one over it I wouldn’t have blamed them) but they didn’t. Credit where credit is due. After all how many other companies have promised Linux fans a client over the years and then failed to deliver? Be thankful that you don’t need to add Bioware to the list.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been craving this game for ages and today, I decided to put a little faith in Bioware. I bought the last copy of NWN off the shelf of a local store for $35. I also took the time to register the game and said I would only be using it in linux.

    Depsite Bioware’s screw ups, the only way we’re going to get more games is to support the companies who are extending the olive branch to us right now. If we snub Bioware for their effort, other developers are just going to assume that we’ll do the same to them.

  18. jonabbey Says:

    When the linux client is ready, I’ll be buying NWN so fast it’ll make your head spin. Many thanks to BioWare for doing this out of the goodness of and etc.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have your game yet? No?

    You are sitting here telling us that we’re scaring developers away.. what developers?!? Despite the fact that we see screenshots every now and again, there’s no real solid proof that there even IS a linux program. Saying “I’ll believe it when I see it” is NOT trashing a company, especially when we have THESE responses from the company:

    On July 31, 2000, This quote appeared on the bioware web site.

    “There has been significant progress on the Mac and Linux ports of the game as well…”

    Contrast that with the fact that later we’d read about how they weren’t aware of the Bink/Miles issue. How can you make progress when you don’t know where you’re going?

    On October 20, we read this: “The Linux, Beos, and Mac ports are coming along nicely and keeping pace with Windows version of the game.” on the Bioware webpage. Now we’ve already had a movie out by this time , and a few other NWN preview items. It leaves me to wonder if they had sound working yet.. or FMV’s..or datafiles, since that will be an issue on linux.

    Now let’s FF to April 17, 2001, where “Bio Trent” tells us:
    Linux trails a few weeks behind and the Mac is in the process of getting “Carbonized”

    Now.. obviously this means that the windows version at this point does not have FMV or sound, because for the linux version to trail behind it requires there to be a trail for the linux version to be ON.

    June 11, 2002, we’re told that “the PC version of Neverwinter Nights will ship to retailers before the end of June. Linux gamers can anticipate the online release of the Neverwinter Nights server at launch and the client program shortly afterward. Linux gamers will still need the Windows version of the game to register at the Neverwinter Nights community site ( and to import essential game resources into their Linux server and game.”

    Mind you, at this time, the company STILL has not run into the Bink/Miles issue, because that is a showstopper. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion on how they got to be “real soon now” away from a release without doing any FMV or sound.

    June 26, The server is pretty much ready to go. The Client is a little worse off. I haven’t got any official date for when the Client will be available, but we are pushing as hard as we can to get it done.”

    Still no comment on any showstoppers. They’re no longer “weeks behind” or “real soon now..” Now they’re “indefinite date.”

    Then , a lot of fun stuff happens.. the sound becomes an issue.. then high load.. the graphics (which one would think would have been done a while ago) suddenly start working. Then, finally, they discover the Binks/Miles issue. And then they get it fixed on the 15th of December 2002. They tell us that ”
    This solves the two outstanding issues with the Linux Client, and I bet we will have even more good news for you in the coming week in terms of future Betas or Demos of the Linux Client. We here at BioWare are thrilled with this development. ”

    A week later.. they go on vacation. Until the 10th, where they tell us:

    “We have finished integrating the Linux version of the Miles Sound System into the Neverwinter Nights Linux client. There have been a number of questions regarding the Neverwinter Nights Linux client including such topics as installation, expansion packs, betas, and release date. We will be spending all of next week (January 13 – January 17) working on answers to all of these questions for the January 17 update. Stay tuned.”

    We get the answers.. then.. bugs..bugs..bugs.. (Has anyone ever taught these people about Unit testing?) Bugs.. bugs.. bugs..

    And now we have “Commercial Issues.”

    And you people THINK we are out of line for doubting them or not trusting them? If you read their stuff and still believe it without the slightest bit of doubt, then you’re the crazy ones, not us.

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