New Version Releases

February 26th, 2003 by Alkini
  • Crossfire 1.5.0, a graphical adventure RPG:screenshot,downloads
  • Dark Places 20030226, a Quake source modification:screenshots,downloads
  • GTetrinet 0.6.2, a GNOME-dependant Tetrinet client:screenshot,download
  • mupen64 0.1, an n64 emulator:screenshots,download
  • Nethack 3.4.1, a classic dungeon exploration game:changelog,screenshot,downloads
  • Pachi el marciano 20030224, a comic-inspired side-view game:changelog,screenshot,downloads
  • Race 0.9.0, a 3D overhead racing game:download
  • Trackballs 0.7.1, :changelog,screenshot,download
  • Tux Paint 0.9.10, a drawing program for children:changelog,screenshots,download
  • Wine 20030219, a free implimentation of the Windows environment (or something like that):changelog,download
  • ZSNES 1.36, a Super NES emulator:changelog,download (thanks to the Game Tome)
  • 5 Responses to “New Version Releases”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      I like these summaries.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      It builds and runs on the Alpha platform! If only nVidia and ATI would build a 3D-only graphics adapter, in similar fassion as the early 3Dfx Voodoo2, there would be more Linux/Alpha Graphics workstations out there. Voodoo2/Voodoo2 SLI works on the Alpha platform using Glide2-accelerated-Mesa3D and is quite fast. The string of feces that prevents the majority of today’s graphics accelerators (VPUs/GPUs) working on the Alpha platform is because most Alpha BIOS’s are only able to “emulate” the 16bit X86 VGA extensions to “re-map” the Graphics Accelerator’s VGA support. Sadly, every company built their VGA support upon 32bit X86 VGA mapping and the general stale-ness of the Alpha platform’s BIOS has simply not been updated because the lack of interest and skill of any maintainers. *Yawn*, Dark Places is slow, although the powerful FPU on an Alpha provides a *noticable* performance increase in the rendering.

      Alpha EV56 433MHz, 1024MB RAM, Matrox G200(Utah-GLX/DRI) + Voodoo2 SLI

      Anyone know where that “Alpha Troll” or the real one, in that matter, went to? Haven’t seen any comments from the ol’ chap on Dark Places.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      Way to go. ZSNES 1.36 has been out for over 6 months.

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Well I knew the day would come when there was so much being done for Linux game wise that they would just list it instead. Three years ago I would see 3 updates a week of maby 5 things (Loki this and Loki that… RIP).

    5. Anonymous Says:

      ok, i know that there is a lot of work, but this style of news doesn’t help people to knw about games… this site is going simpler and simpler… only complete news posts for big projects or commercial games… i dont like it

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