LGP Candy Cruncher Now Available

February 13th, 2003 by theoddone33

We received the news last week that Linux Game Publishing has released their version of Candy Cruncher, the addictive puzzle game from Pyrogon. The game comes in DVD packaging, and has a suggested retail price of £10.00, which inside sources tell me is around $15 USD.

You can pick it up from any of LGP’s resellers, including TuxGames and LGP’s online store.

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  1. theoddone33 Says:

    If you haven’t picked this game up yet, you need to. It’s one of the best puzzle games available on Linux. Some of you may have bought it already, but if you haven’t then this DVD case thing is a good deal.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is it a DVD in a “DVD pakaging” (a DVD case, if you will) or is it a CDROM in a “DVD packaging”?

    Perhaps this should be first to be resolved, of all questions, because those of us that study the economics of software would confer that storing a verry small game on a storage medium that would over-all have much wasted space, would be highly illogical. Correct me if I am wrong: 230MB capacity mini-CDROM is ~$0.15 USD, 640MB capacity CDROM is ~ $0.50 USD, a 5.1GB capacity DVD is ~ $3.00 USD.

    And another thing, why must everything me castrated to work only on the X86 platform? I know everyone knows me as The Alpha Troll, yet I just bought a IBM Power4 system and it is quite fast and I imagine the more software that can migrate onto every platform then the more feasible and economic worth is invested for the general public to recognize the qualities of the many alternatives to the highly inefficient X86 platform. Thanks for candy cruncher, LGP! I’m playing it within BOCHS-Linux/X86 on my Alpha 433MHz Workstation and it is surprisingly playable in this virtual machine environment.


    The Alpha^4 Troll

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It should be noted, there is a demo version here:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    shipped should be any day.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, today £10 would be US$16, but that could change a lot more if there will be an american attac on iraq.

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