XTux: New Release

February 9th, 2003 by Marv

A true geek goal in life is to get posted on SlashDot, which is the reasoning behind X-TuxX-Tux is a gaunlet style game featuring open-source mascots which will run on various platforms. New featuers/changes in this release include:

Fixed Denial of service attack on server.
Added mouse control (now you can use FPS-likecontrols)
Added Chainsaw weapon & Bill Gates baddie to cut upwith said weapon.
No longer requires server to be started as a separateprocess.

2 Responses to “XTux: New Release”

  1. StarTux Says:

    Models looks good, but might want to check out and perhaps support plib and ac files.

    But the state of 3D modelling is such that you may get mixed results when importing/exporting different formats.


  2. povman Says:

    There are still hardly any levels :(
    can anybody remember how to get into the rabbit level btw? (i havent played this for about 2 years)

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