Parsec going Open Source

January 30th, 2003 by Marv

Several people have written in pointing out that Parsec. the multiplayer space-shooter, is going open source.Below is the press release

January 28, 2003 — We are currently preparing the entire code base of Parsec for a full source release in early May 2003, which will mark a major change in the structure of the Parsec Project.

The source release will include platform support for Win32, MacOS X, and Linux, and contain both OpenGL and Glide rendering code. It will include almost everything that has been part of the earlier LAN-Test releases, as well as our new client/server code that is already far along in development. However, it is our hope that this release will be picked up by the Parsec community for further development, supported by members of the original Parsec Project.

This release will be the last official release of the original Parsec Project. It had been our intention to achieve a full-featured release including Internet game play in 2002. However, we were always doing this in our spare time, and since it is taking us too long to reach our original goal, we do not want to keep the Parsec community waiting any longer and have thus decided that it is time to change Parsec’s development model to an open source approach.

We intend the official Parsec webpage to become the central hub for playing Parsec and continuing Parsec development. We would like to dedicate the upcoming release to the Parsec community, and hope that Parsec will live on and prosper as an open community project. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Parsec going Open Source”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Id like to have more information on the license they are going to choose… cause opensourcing is great, but it means that developpers willing to work on parsec will have to go in the same direction… would be better to be totally free so that anyone can start a fork…

  2. cburke Says:

    Though I have to wonder why it wasn’t open source from the get-go. Were they hoping they could ape Counter Strike and get bought? Counter Strike is certainly the exception there. Maybe they were worried about cheaters? Not that it helped Counter Strike. :)

    As to the license, I hope it’s re-using an existing license: GPL, LGPL, BSD, etc, just because the world doesn’t need another half-assed attempt at an open-source license. The choice of which one to use would basically depend on the degree to which they want people to be able to take their code and make proprietary stuff out of it.

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