Crystal Space 0.96r001

January 30th, 2003 by Marv

Crystal Space version 0.96r001 has been released. This version is a major release from the previous release, 0.94. Changes include the following items.

XML transition: the CS map format has been changed to XML
Smart pointers
Effect System(OpenGL Rendering)Sequence Manager
Improved procedural texture handling.
New collision detection plugin based on OPCODE.
HUGE amounts of bug fixes and improvements all over the project.
Removed 8-bit display support in software renderer. Only 15, 16, and32-bit displays are now supported.

2 Responses to “Crystal Space 0.96r001”

  1. simcon Says:

    Has anybody ever played about with this and made something with it? I mean is it possible to create a decent game, like a Mario 64 clone or something equally jolly? :D Something I would like to see on Linux is a motorcycle game, like MotoGP or Motorcross Madness.

    P.S. My sig is starting to really annoy me now. Please enable sig updating. My sig is a quote for the moment, not for 3 months. It’s starting to make me sound like a bitch :p

  2. Alkini Says:

    A lot of people point to the Planeshift project as a good example of what Crystal Space is capable of.

    As for the sig, it’s been noted and we’ll change it when we can. Thanks for pointing it out again.

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