America’s Army Client

January 24th, 2003 by Alkini

And the third surprise from at LWCE is that they have the free UT-based game America’s Army running under Linux. They ran in to a last-minute show-stopper so they’re not showing it on the floor of LWCE, but they have released a screenshot.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was right.

    Well, I hope this game is released soon, it’ll give me something to do while I wait for Bandits.

    I guess I could play some of my other games, but… meh.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    not hard to be right, said right on the website they were porting this to linux months ago. bandits, drool. I am so gonna kick yer ass dan. 8) I REALLY HOPE lgp manages a dedicated server for us. This game would so rock with a dedicated server(bandits)

    KF!! Whooohooo! _shooooooooooooooo_ 8)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t be less interested in a game than this one, but still, it’s good to see any and all games ported to Linux. :)

  4. theoddone33 Says:

    Those terrorists that lurk in every shadowy corner and television news reporter’s mind had best look out now. Now not only does America have adolescent computer nerds trained for combat, but soon they’ll have tens of Linux gamers combat ready!

    Actually I’ve been hoping this client would come out for a while. I’ve been wanting to try this game out.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    OK. So when will I be able to get any of these games (or NWN) up and running on my Gentoo box? Anyone? I’m glad they took the time to do all this but if they concentrated on one project at a time maybe we would actually have something to play.

    How about it gents? Give us something besides screenshots.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The United States is a corporation: no different than a church; it dictates laws and morality.

    For the love of Jesus Christ, recognize the fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the “America’s Army” screenshot. Go do some research on entities and figure it out.

    Yes, the United States is in active competition with its fellow private companies. You are federal persons, not United States citizens; you have no rights. So play their games and pay your taxes at the same time.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    weee, this is awesome, somthing new everyday. theres still one more day of the expo right? that means another game!! *crosses his fingers and whispers unreal 2, unreal 2, unreal 2, unreal 2, unr..*

  8. loco Says:

    but anyway it’s nice to see recent games ported to linux

  9. CloudyCloud Says:

    If Mr Steve Ballmer’s right, Linux is communism – is Linux a good environment for a US Army sponsored game?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    In preference to ANY game at the moment (except for ssam, which is already done :) i would LOVE eax to be ported to linux. imho, this is the only flaw with linux is the sound. if eax were ported then damn, that would be awesome. hint hint icculus

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