FooBillard 2.4

January 22nd, 2003 by Marv

Version 2.4 of the OpenGL billiards game, FooBillard has been released. Changes and or fixes for this release include:

- button2 after button1 = toggle cue view
– hold button2 after button1 = place cue ball
– hold button1 after button2 = adjust effet
– black outlines for menu text
– different blending func for rendered reflections
– 8ball rule fix: potting 8 at break caused a win (thx to A. Friesen.)
– manpage (thanx to Wouter Eerdekens)

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  1. simcon Says:

    This program is so vivacious I can’t keep up compiling it :s Good though, snooker rocks :D

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