Freeciv 1.14

January 21st, 2003 by Marv

Freeciv, a multiplayer strategy game, has released their latet stable version being 1.14. Changes in this release:

– Unique city names, you no longer can name your cities the same, and you can enforce unique city names globally (optional).
– A new map generator (generator 5) which creates pretty fractal maps..
– You can load savegames from the server prompt..
– You can save client commandline defaults..
– Specialists are taken from content citizens first, instead of from unhappy citizens first. This makes it more difficult to quell unrest using taxmen and scientists..
– You now start with no technologies by default, and angry citizens are enabled by default, although they will rarely make an apperance..
– The algorithm used for calculating the effects of tax settings has been changed. It is now no longer possible to get 100% effect from 60% choice of tax goal..
– A new, historically more correct version of the rulesets included..
– There is an option to require several turns of rapture/celebration . before it takes effect. See “show rapturedelay” in server..
– The sequence of some end of turn activities have been regrouped..
– Several AI improvements. It should now build and buy units and buildings slightly more intelligently..
– Many internal code improvements that will lead to more features later..
– /fix and /unfix commands to stop modifications after game has started..
– The server commands “rulesout”, “log”, “freestyle” and “crash” have been removed, while “rfcstyle” now toggles between rfcstyle and freestyle..
– civ2 ruleset now more accurately reflects civ2 deity level defaults..
– A truly massive amount of bugfixes..

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